Monday, 1 June 2009

Cathartic Women

Well, been trying to write this one for a long time, finally got around to it. I realized that the more I get to work in office the more I want to write, somehow gets my grey cells active.


Anyway, the whole thing about cathartic women is much like that fling most women have after a serious relationship. I have had my share of women, well most people's share of women in fact, but the point I am trying to make is that it is mighty hard for a man to recover from a break up where he has invested quite a lot of his time and effort in nurturing it and shit. You all know the theory I have about men being stray dogs getting domesticated when they enter a serious relationship, am not taking anything away from women here, but you have to understand and accept that for a dog to learn new tricks, it bleeding takes a lot, and you have to give it that much of credit. (I know, all the women who are reading this are probably nodding their heads with a smile when they find a man calling his fellow compatriots as dogs, it is true, really, all men are dogs, will probably elaborate on this generalization much later for the male readers, I don't suppose women really need any explanation on this one).


Now, the role of the C.W (cathartic women) begins when the now domesticated dog suddenly finds itself back on the mean streets of the city minus its original defense mechanism, and all its survival instincts, in short has got it's sorry ass dumped, and dumped bad. The dog has gotten used to the whole idea of its meals being bought over to it, being pampered, getting action whenever seen fit by its female owner. To suddenly find the nice cozy life is no longer existent is much like the shock which the queen may get if she realizes that she really is a drag queen.


Enter, CW, now she is usually a woman who has a heart of gold, and usually deserves a lot more than what the wounded dog has on offer. But, since the woman has such a big heart or are just plain naïve and dumb feel that the dog needs her help, she volunteers, somehow the plight of the dog is something she is attracted to, like a man to a abandoned wall badly in need of relieving himself.


The dice is loaded against CW from the very beginning.


CW, nurtures the dog, but unfortunately CW has no idea the ways and routines of the dog's previous owner and hence the usual gripe among most women about being compared and shit, the dog at that point of time is seeking solace and comfort in this new environment by searching for old habits, it has nothing to do with what kind of a person CW is, it is not the dog's fault nor CW's. But the fact is that neither the dog nor the CW is quite aware of the status of this relationship. The CW believes that she has found the perfect pet for herself, while the dog having learnt from his past experience is busy trying to buy time to rediscover his old killer instincts, the same ones which came in handy while trying to cross the busy traffic signal. So, CW gets treated like shit, much like the same way a smaller dog will get treated by a bigger dog when it comes to splitting the piece of bread found in the trash. CW, has no idea about all this whatsoever, none, zilch. And as soon as the dog rediscovers this stray and wild instinct, it runs away to stake claim to what the dog believes is rightfully his, the wild and mean streets of the city.


In the mean time, CW is left wondering what the fuck just happened. Just when she thought that things were going smoothly, just when she thought that the dog would stop biting her and injuring her and traumatizing her, and she has no clue about any of this shit which is actually happening. And the whole shit begins about how men are dogs are crap, (well, like I said they are dogs at the very onset, this late realization is much like saying "I feel like shitting" when you have already crapped in your pants).


I mean, everybody gives credit or talks about that one/many great relationships they have had in life and how it has transformed their life and how irrespective of what had transpired, they will always have a special corner for that relationship, people never talk about CW or that fling, which most women have (who in most cases are coming out a case of CW'ines). It is ironic isn't it, that the people who actually get all the shit never get any credit.


Anyway, this is really my way of telling both S and M that they were awesome people, genuinely big hearted people, who just happened to play with a dog who really was going mad. I have bitten these people, and some of the wounds given by me will never really heal and some will heal. I just want to thank them for taking care of this dog when he needed it the most and that they still came back after being pushed away and being bitten and traumatized beyond their wildest nightmares. It does require something which is not human, now I can be a dog and call it stupidity but we all know that it was their big hearts which found place for a dog like this and their optimistic outlook on life of waking every day morning and realizing that it is a new day.


CW's may hate that dog they picked up, may have a soft corner for it, but whatever be the case for all the dogs out there who have met their CW sometime during the course of their lifetime, this is a big ass THANK YOU from me to all of them, all over the world.