Sunday, 3 May 2009

Following customs

Customary blog after the trip to Mumbai, probably the first personal trip I have taken to Mumbai in a really long time and boy has this trip been eventful. I am looking blankly at the screen right about now and have been doing so for the last 20 minutes mostly thinking where to begin telling this story because along with my story there are about 4 – 5 other stories now intricately intertwined and I thinking about at what point of time would I be infringing on others lives by telling my side of the story of them so I am just going to refrain from all that at this point of time.

Anyway, what really made news and what you would be surprised to know is that I took bath the very night I landed in Mumbai, and then I followed with a bath on 2 consecutive times and the biggest surprises of all was the fact that it did not rain, not a single drop in Mumbai after that. Disappointing really if you ask me about it, and what was even more surprisingly for people I stay in Mumbai with was that I actually had tea or coffee in the morning instead of reaching out for my drink. And these are just surprises which I gave myself, what the others had in store for me was much more jhor ka jhatkas.

For starters, I was mighty fucking pissed with both Adhy and Gopal for not making for Shewta's wedding. That was just plain rude especially keeping in mind that we guys spent more time eating their namak instead of our own households. What was nice to know was that I finally got to meet Swapna (Nikhil's fiancé) and Shreya (Paresh's fiancé). Both of them nice girls, but I was exceptionally pleased for Nikhil for landing himself such a gem of a woman. What I want to really do for both these guys is throw a nice sexy bachelor party, you know with the whole stripper coming from the cardboard cake amidst a cloud of confetti, it would have been awesome till both the girls said that I should get married to the 2 of them after I do something of that sort. So guess, that idea goes out of the window.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my stay down at Mumbai much more than the other ones I have had in the recent past, and probably for the first time I felt like I should not really go back but just stay there, maybe just for a wee bit longer, found answers to certain questions which now I will have to seek answers, all the way from Blore which is not really something I like doing.

Oh, Oh, Oh the best part of it all, I think I may be progressing in the whole thing of being a human and not walking down the whole am-a-bastard path. Which is good news, real good news…

The other things I will probably write down later, mostly after telling them to M who has a big beef with me at the moment. But I think (actually am pretty sure) that she is going to have a bigger one after I have a talk with her. Let us see if I find her in one of those philosophical moods where she actually reacts in a way which is less severe than that one I am imagining right now.


More later, need some coffee right now.

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