Friday, 12 June 2015

Man with no name - Chapter 4

     The man hailed an auto and directed him to take him to Taj Windsor. The naïve and ignorant auto driver motioned the man to get in and turned the meter down.
The man paid the auto driver in full and walked through the hotel gates. He walked over to the restaurant and ordered himself a steak with extra sides of mash and veggies. He ordered for a coffee, black. He sipped on his coffee leisurely. A tall man, dressed in a tailored suit and leather patented shoes smiled at him as he made his way to his table.
Where have you been? You look like shit!’ The tall man spoke in Hebrew, and addressed the man like friend who knew him since eternity. The man smiled, but the smile never reached his eyes. Instinctively the man reached to feel the chain around his neck and felt nothing but his skin.
‘The Arab is in room 614’ The tall man confided in hushed tone as he surveyed the half empty restaurant. The man nodded ever so slightly. ‘The minister has given the go ahead. It has to be discreet.’ The man nodded again.
‘I need new clothes, shoes and my rabbit’ The man spoke. The tone of the request suggested it was more of a demand.
‘Everything you need is there in room 647’. The tall man smiled for appearances as he slid the room key to the man across the table. The man motioned to the server for check, suggesting that he was done with his meal.
‘And I need a set of wheels’ The man again made his request sound like a demand.
‘The flyaway is sorted.’ The tall man replied.
‘I will make my own way back home. I have some personal business to take care of.’ The man explained as he pushed his chair back and stood up.
‘I will leave the keys at the front desk’ The tall man offered.

The server arrived with the bill, which the tall man signed for. 

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