Thursday, 16 May 2013

Juvi Zenny is Juvi

I actually started writing this post in Comic Sans. But then I decided to go with Courier New. I don’t have anything against Comic Sans but I do like type writers and all the clickty clack sounds they make. Think they are super and are a lot more fun than comics. I like comics too. But I read them really fast and then I am bored again. And buying comics is really expensive. Because you would have to buy train tickets and build a time machine. Mostly because the only time I really liked and enjoyed reading comics was when I was 8 – 9 and was travelling with my folks for the annual summer vacations. Kids nowadays refer to them as “vacays”, like they are vaccines or vaginas. I wonder when Hollywood is going to make a movie on Tinkle. Reckon I will go watch that movie as long as it doesn’t star Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka-I-want-my-nose-to-look-like-Michael-Jackson-Chopra and is called Drona. Which I did watch and hated myself every passing minute.
Talking about watching something and not being sure about the ‘why’. I wonder why people go to gyms and then want to talk about it? “I joined a gym” “Okay... Why?” “I gym for an hour everyday and I do blah for my blah and then I do blah for my blah”. At this point of time, everybody including me usually retort with “Stop it! I am already getting tired just hearing about it”. What we really want to say is “Stop it! You are annoying. And I don’t want to hear about what you do to your blah blahs for how long. It wouldn’t hurt so much if you used lube. You are an idiot.” I am pretty sure I was thinking of something else when the RJ and the caller were having this conversation couple of minutes before.
At this point of time, I am thinking and wondering if I am funny funny OR if I am funny like how mommies think their ugly rat faced babies are the cutest little shits ever to have been pooped out of their urethra. So, I did what any reasonably sane man with some residual common sense would do. I googled and answered some of those online quizzes. There was some sound advice there, I must admit. Apparently I have what is considered to be a juvenile sense of humour and I need to learn how to tone it down a bit from time to time.
Anyway, I need to go to the bank now to do grown up things and try not to think “if I farted now, who is the most likely person the others are going to think farted”.

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Anonymous said...

I would blame the security guard OR the cashier. Like the cashier could fart and think in his head "Here you go, take your stinking money you piece of shit." and still hand over your money to u with a smile.