Friday, 5 October 2012

The Terrorist - Book review

Where do I begin? Reckon will start with the things I didn't like about this book. For starters the cover of the book looks like a bollywood movie poster designer being "inspired" by hollywood. The cover is something like Amish's immortals of meluha. Hmmmm... What other negatives are there? Oh yeah, for some godforsaken reason penguin decides to publish this book under their metro reads banner. 

Now the good bits... Remember the time when Farhan akthar made DCH? I am sure you do. You didn't care that it was made by a first director. And you wouldn't care that this is juggi bhasin's first novel. Lovely story structure. Strong well defined character's. Furtive pace. And I am not even going to venture to describe the grand, stylized visuals. The epic proportions of plain and pure unadulterated, unhinged story telling. The story and the author is what Indian publishing was long waiting for. Maybe Oswald Periera who wrote newsroom mafia may take a note or two from juggi. Actually every single writer who is writing or wants to write may take a page or the whole 505 from juggi. The best thing I loved and appreciated the most about the author is the fact that he didn't write it for a videshi audience. It was and is meant purely for the Indian reader. So no unwanted explanation of what Delhi is like during summers or how Kashmir is like during winters. No word fillers of place depiction. Pure action and character driven. I mean this book is so utterly magnificent that I am actually feeling depressed about the fact that nothing I will ever write will ever be this bloody brilliant. Juggi Bhasin! You magnificent beast. Thank you. 

I am unsure if I should take away a star for the horrid cover OR should I keep it just the fact that he so humorously laced real life characters, their traits and incidents into this fictionalized saga. That is what this is! An epic saga. And by god! Penguin! THIS IS NOT A METRO READ. The story consumes you. I think I will give it full 5 stars since none of the bad things are to be credited to the author. Once again, Thank YOU!

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