Friday, 12 October 2012

Naoko - Book review


For starters, I am not sure what the blurb writer found funny in this story. The story wasn't funny. At least I didn't find the humor in it. Not even smile inducing kinds. The ending, however, was proper Keigo Higashino styled punch to the guts. Though not sure why this book is listed under mystery genre. I am not sure what genre it should be listed under but mystery doesn't quite cut it. It is sheerly through Keigo's penmanship that you get thrown on this roller coaster ride of emotions as you empathize, hate, pity and get repulsed by the protagonist Heisuke and his 3rd person narrated stream of consciousness. And like the blurb advertises, the ending is soul shattering. The emotion which the protagonist feels leaps from the pages and clenches your heart and takes a life of its own. The ending is very 'Usual Suspects' meets 'Et tu Brutus' moment. And that emotion creeps up on you and blindsides you with the most visceral gut wrenching kick to your gonads that your entire consciousness doubles up in pain. The reason this book doesn't get a full 5/5 is the fact that, Keigo's need to stir in an overdose of Red Herrings in a family drama setting gives the vibe of a never ending day time television series.

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