Monday, 11 April 2011


It was touted to be the scariest movie ever made. The director claimed that this movie would leave the audience frozen in their seats. After all, this entire movie was made in 3 – D. It was a snuff film with a difference. That's what the marketing campaign stated. The producers did not know what they had produced and neither did the director or any of the crew who had assisted in the making of this movie. Shot with a paltry budget of a cheap internet connection, a webcam and a bunch of unsuspecting college kids hanging out at their old school's playground after hours.


"You can never go wrong when you are filming young blood and their hormone filled bodies" said the director to whoever asked him about the movie.


Which is exactly when things started to go eerily awry. There was enough sex, drugs and videotape to keep the director and the producers happy. But all this just irked Mr. Murphy like that old grandmother who desists her grandchildren because they scream and keep running around while she watches her favorite soap on the telly and shifting the furniture where she keeps bumping her gnarly old toes to alien proportions. So wily old Mr. Murphy decided to do what he does best, fuck things up. And the only way he knew how, massively.


When the rough cut of the movie was shown to a select audience, nobody walked out of the screening hall. The audience included the cast and crew. The police report states the cause of death as mass asphyxiation due to poor ventilation and lack of safety measures. Mr. Murphy is currently fighting the 3859 charges of criminal intent, key among them include accidental murder and Mondays.

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