Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What’s been happening?

I know I skipped on the yearly recap of 2010. And I have been feeling guilty about it for quite some time now, considering that I have come to think of it as a tradition, so to put my raging irritable bowel to rest and taking a break from writing weird and shittily shite short stories, here is a quick recap of the highlights of the year 2010 and the new year so far.


  • I got a job. I quit. Repeat. Now I just travel, meet people, hassle people to pay up money and write. Yes! I have become a traveling contract killer who is really shite at getting his payments. Only less sexy, more fat with a clear receding hairline.


  • Kurian – I – fart – at – will – Babykutty got married to his college sweetheart. Yes the same one from "the fart theory". So one happy ending there. But the problem with happy endings is that you don't have a dirty sock or a bloody twat dripping wank cloth nearby to wipe your happy teary eyed ejaculation off you and somebody else is left to deal with the mess.


  • And the mess in this case was finding a new flat-mate who could put up with my neurotic pregnant mood swinging psychoness. I was faced with the possibility of adopting stray dogs and cats which I then later discarded the idea at the thought of the apartment smelling of poo which was not human. This led me to post an ad online inviting potential axe murderers, sex offenders and plain good old fashioned chumps. And there was one guy who promised to give me a "tinkle" before he came, which I thought was mighty generous of him to do so but clearly he was not serious about moving in.


  • After about a wait of 5 weeks, I found a flat-mate, it's a she. And she happens to be French. Who by virtue of being funny has effectively negated the fact that she is French.


  • I managed to lose my phone AND get my bike towed. On the same day. Shittiest day ever! I did however manage to get my bike back for 50/- as bribe to the guy who towed it. What I didn't realize is that I had just paid 50/- to the dude who broke my indicator lights which is hanging out like a veiny cock from the handle bar. And when I went back to see where I left my phone behind, I was informed by the security that an anon woman was the prime suspect. Anyway, that was just one BIG depressing day.


  • So far I have done more trips to Bihar, the adopted state of me brother (who is by nature a Bihari, like the Delhi slang), have so far travelled Patna, Muzzafarpur, Bhagalpur and Jamshedpur.


  • Received news that Gopal is finally tying the knot. Hopefully by end of this year. So that's a real good thing. However the back story is more twisted and long going than Bold and the Beautiful. The story is both bold and beautiful and well… enormously boring for people who don't know the characters involved in the story.


  • I have managed to finish writing my first full length story. Having a bit of a wrestle with the synopsis like crocodile Dundee.


  • I got into twitter. Deleted it. Made a new account. Deleted it. Made a new account. Not yet deleted it.


And I have run out of my smokes, which means I am done with this post.


Ps: I got laid last year. Breaking the whole 19 month long dry stretch. Congratulations are in order. And condoms. Also battery of tests.

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Uncommon Sense said...

seems like you repeated the shit that you already mentioned in the last update..