Saturday, 30 October 2010

Long overdue update!


I am not even going to bother to find out how long it has been since I last visited this place. But, it did seem that there was a long overdue update pending. So, here it is...

If you haven't been following me on twitter, then let me quickly fill you in that I have quit my last job. The job was quite fancy, supposed to be related with "Innovation", supposed to be the latest buzzword and sorts. But, just like my engineering degree, the awesomeness of it was largely limited to movies and pretty much on the surface. The nitty gritty of it all, having to report to an office and do desk work eroded my libido like vaginal dentae. Not cool! Even if the vagina involved is that of a transmorgifacting Mallika Sherawat.

Anyway, been traveling far more than George Clooney in "Up in the Air" and I reckon I must have surpassed the surrealism of "Up". And added to all this is the happy news of Kurian finally tying the knot with Becky which reaffirms my faith in the whole concept of "And they stayed happily ever after." Quite looking forward to getting piss drunk with him as part of his non - existent and very hush - hush stag do which will involve just him and me, preferably with our pants on and pond full of liquor.

I am currently in Jaipur, in this rather plush hotel which I am rather worried about. Mostly involving about clearing the massive bill I seem to have ordered myself into.

Also managed to put myself through the rather harrowing experience of watching "Up in the air", "Love story" (1970), "500 days of summer" and "Say anything". I have no idea why I did do that to myself but I did.

Cities I have been showing my ugly mug faced bottom till have been a pleasant surprise. Among them both Jamshedpur and Pune top the list. Jaipur has always been a favorite of mine. Feel in love with the pink city the first time I landed here. And even though it is called pink city it is not really pink OR gay OR maybe I have just been visiting all the right places or the wrong depending on which side of the fence you swing by.

On a personal life basis, its all very topsy turvy at the moment. Nothing major or magnificent to report to. Been wracked with memories of the past. Which I reckon is normal behavior given my disliking and my penchant to fuck myself over upside down when am alone with my thoughts.

I leave Jaipur tomorrow for Bangalore and then from there I leave for Chennai before coming back to Bangalore. And then back to Chennai and probably to my favorite city in the whole wide world. But, given the conversation I am having at the moment, it doesn't look likely.

I would however like you lot to hear Tom Wait's Martha. Very emo. Very me.



Nothingman said...

Hey Z man.

Hang in there dude and leave the memories, replace them with something new :)

Rock on!

Zennmaster said...

Thanks dude... Cheers to you too... :)

glywen9 said...

I still hate that Love Story shit. Bore. I love you though =)

TSO said...

Up in the Air was awesome. It was pointless, and the girl was a bitch. Hence, awesome.