Monday, 26 July 2010

Sheila and Zenny (TRY to) make a podcast

So considering how disastrous my first two attempts at podcasting were. I managed to convince Sheila to lend me a helping hand. I think we lost about more than two hours of our conversation as I tried figuring out this skype recording conversation bit which is a pain in places where the sun don't shine. But I managed to salvage some of it and whatever there is, it is funny. At least am laughing if not for you lot. Oh! And if you lot know of any good, cheap, marwadi way of recording skype conversations do let us know. Hope you enjoy this one.

ps: We are after all bunch of n00bs. She has the boobies and I bring the nerd. So do leave your comments behind so that I can use that to get Sheila to do one more of these.

pps: Oh! And don't forget to tell us what to do to record our conversations on skype without losing out on some massively hilarious stuff.

ppps: we seem to have lost the entire review we did of inception and salt. That I think was THE most hilarious bit.

So... do what am telling you to do in the previous two post scripts.

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