Sunday, 18 October 2009

Stained Glass

Right! So before you begin reading the story, brief context of the story and the title…

Stained Glass here is supposed to be something like spilt milk… An issue that has gotten beyond repair… Not the Sistine Chapel stained glass. Credit to be shared with Anon (yes I know you don't like that name…) :P

Stained Glass

"Things really weren't supposed to be like this. I was just supposed to meet him for coffee. What the fuck happened?" thought Felicity. As she searched for her knickers and dress as the first rays of the sun crept through the venetian blinds of Michael's plush apartment.

Felicity did not dare look into the mirror next to the door as she let herself out. Michael slept peacefully. While she was searching for her clothes and giving the room one final sweep, just to make sure she hadn't left anything behind which might prompt her to return to the scene of her crime, the thoughts which kept going round and round in her head like a bunch of girls going at it on a merry – go – round were "Who in the world can this man be sleeping so soundly? Must be bringing a lot of women in here…I am so stupid…I hope Matt doesn't suspect anything foul…FUCK! Where the hell did he throw my bra now…This is so stupid… I really should have said No to him when he asked me to sleep in…Ah! There it is… How in the world did it reach there?"

"Yes! Hi I will have a tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot latte with whip." Felicity rattled off out of habit to the guy behind the counter before he could say rather than ask "The usual?"

As she found herself in her usual coffee shop to get her morning fix of caffeine. This is where she met Michael the previous day, "All I ever wanted was caffeine kick… a pick me up after that horrible meeting with Gwen – am a bitch – Bovine… not to get picked up by some… God! He was something… Can't take that away from Michael… if that's his real name…"

"Here you go" said the man behind the counter cheerily, as Felicity paid and walked out onto the streets trying to hail a cab back to office. Her tumultuous train of thoughts continued…


"Does the coffee guy know about what happened last night? How can he know? He works in the morning shift.. But what if he did? No… Don't be absurd Felicity! Nobody knows what happened last night, except Michael, me of course…unless…"

"The Plaza, please" as she sat in the cab, her conversation continued with herself.

"Should I tell Matt about what happened, poor thing thinks I pulled an all nighter in office, if only he knew what kind of an all nighter it was… He will be broken and will probably me for the rest of his and my life… I do like Matt… Oh God! Why? Where did my judgment vanish last night"

"Here you go" said the cab driver as the taxi pulled next to Felicity's office. An ugly statement to the grotesque monuments made of steel and glass which were springing up quite rapidly around the city.


As she entered the building, and waited for the elevator, she thought "Whatever it was last night, it definitely can't continue anymore, last night was a stain on the fragile glass of relationships and sanity I am gently caressing and holding, I can't afford to attempt wiping it and risk causing abrasions on my glass… I will probably do my best and hide it with the other stains… let it blend into the many volatile colliquative events and people in my life…But… I think this one will stare at me more than the rest of them…"


Sheila said...

Where's the rest of it??

Zennmaster said...

It's currently put on the back burner. Working on a different plot, different characters and a different book. :)

Sheila said...

Oh ok... *hides sad face* Good stuff though.

Zennmaster said...

Danks... *uncomfortable shuffle of feet*

ps: If you wouldn't mind can I impose meself on getting you to read one of me short stories and ask for you totally honest and more importantly brutal critique?

Would at least out me out of me misery of knowing whether it has any chance of getting published or not... :-/