Thursday, 8 October 2009

The show is still running

There are very few things apart from being inside an airport and watching movies, which make my heart glow with orgasmic joy. And since with the current credit crunch, I haven't been able to visit my happy place. SO…

I have been indulging myself in movie gluttony, been clocking about 3 movies every night for the last 3 nights. Some of them I loved, and some were so – so… Since I can't be arsed to write an individual review for each movie, so thought will do them in bulk like I did the last time around. So here goes nothing…

  1. 500 Days of Summer

    After 'Say Anything' this is the next movie which has dared to reverse the gender stereotype. Brilliant soundtrack for the movie and the editing is top notch. The movie's 1 line synopsis is really the tag line of the movie 'It is not a love story, it's a story about love.'

    Do I recommend it?
    Yes! I do, especially to those who keep jumping into relationships (read me) thinking they have finally found the one.

  2. Quick Gun Murugan

    Made a bad judgment call and watched it in Hindi, and even though it's one big hilarious commercial for PETA and all things 'filmy' (especially relating to the years 60s – 80s) the movie would have been a great movie had I watched it in say 'English' or 'Tamil'. Bad judgment call on my behalf.

    Do I recommend it?
    Definitely one time watch. Watch it just for the brilliant effort and thought which has gone behind the movie.

  3. Bronson

    It has been a bloody long time since there was a single character which was portrayed in a manner which will give me a boner and give birth to a new alter ego in me. "My Name is Charles Bronson". That's the line Tom Hardy opens the movie with, and from there on till the end of the credits, it's all Tommy boy's show. Not much of a story, since it really goes on a very abstract level, much like Anurag Kashyap's 'No Smoking', but Tommy boy. You get million stars for your performance.

    Do I recommend it?
    Facking yeah! If you can watch only one character portrayed in movies this year? Make it Bronson!


  4. Fast and the Furious 4

    Rubbish really if you ask me. Too many references to the first part, unwanted and unnecessary cameos just for shite sakes, no decent NOS – adrenaline induced street racing.


    Do I recommend it?
    No way! I mean sure if you got nothing else to watch AND you are trying to get inside your girl's pants, then, this is might make for the perfect (boring) date movie, she won't even let you get to the end of the movie before she is jumping your bones just out of sheer boredom.

  5. I love you, Beth Cooper

    Ok, I agree Hayden Panettiere WAS hot in Heroes (I stopped watching it after the first season). But she still needs to work on that on screen persona whose screen presence is going to powerful enough to take sizeable amount of your eyeball visibility. Considering she is the lead in this movie, and the whole movie kind of rests on her shoulders, it is a major letdown. She just looks like a nice cute little Disney kid who comes on TV during the Sunday morning cartoon shows. Nothing major to write home about.

    Do I recommend it?
    Nope! Seriously, give this a miss even if your life depended on it. You really aren't missing much. (There is a second long scene where you get to see her boobies, but then again you can see that on Youtube, no need to waste time and watch the whole movie for it)

  6. Escapist

    Like I orgam-weeted (orgasmic twitting) after watching the movie. There is Memento, there is Machinist and then there is 'The Escapist', you probably know and remember Brian Cox as Edward Norton's father in 25th hour (the one who gives the really long and awesome monologue at the end of the movie), well he breathes life into this movie. Like most Irish movies (ex. The wind that shakes the barley) are bloody bleeding slow, this movie was no different, and till the last 7 minutes of the movie it is not.


    You continue watching the movie, because it has got shades of 'Prison Break' in it, and even though things are moving at a real slow pace, it makes for compelling watch.

    But, and this is a big but, (bigger than butt of a kid born having Beyonce's and JLo's behind) the last 7 minutes, Boy! What do I say? And I definitely don't want to be doing any spoiler alerts now. Just watch it.

    Do I recommend it?
    Hell Yes! It's a brilliant story, brilliant acting, brilliant editing and direction. The movie is top notch. If there is one mind fuck movie you want to watch this year, make it 'The Escapist'


  7. State of Play

    Has a stellar star cast, but out of all the big weights present in the movie, it is the 'Queen' who steals the show and the scenes. At some point of time, I even got reminded of Judi Dench's 'M'. She was marvelous. Though the story lacked any real twists and turns (which are peppered throughout the movie like oregano seasoning on your Domino's pizza) it failed to get any "Oh!"'s out of me. It still was a good decent thriller.

    Do I recommend it?
    It's not a theater watch, but if it's coming on the telly, I wouldn't tell you to change the channel (btw… How the hell did you get the remote for the telly in the first place? Give it back here)

  8. UP

    Last year there was Wall – E, and this year there is 'UP'. I mean Pixar makes all these non – people movies (you know animated ones, not flesh and blood kinds) and with each passing year the stories get more and more poignant. 'UP' gets my vote for the best animated movie of this year and I would be bloody surprised if it doesn't win an Oscar. Would be bloody surprised I tell you!

    But whatever you do, DO NOT miss the beginning of the movie, I repeat DO NOT miss the beginning. The beginning has got the best love story short made this year (500 days btw was not a love story, it's a story about love, just clarifying)

    Do I recommend it?
    YES! A big whooping YES! There are very few movies like these which get made in a year and if you can't watch them then please stop watching movies altogether. Period.

  9. Adventureland

    Facking waste of time. That is exactly what it was. Even though it has got that vampiry Kristen Stewart, (who, like I mentioned, is HOT, in a weird – awesomely – crazy – in – bed thing going on for her, I will definitely not do her,) [Notice it's a comma, not a period, I am still keeping my options open at the moment).

    All the movie has is some great late 80's sound tracks and that's about it. There are no moments in this movie. The story is really confusing, you can't label it as a coming of age story, neither is it slapstick American pie. It's just a plain awkward teen movie with some adult morals. And it just doesn't fit.

    Do I recommend it?
    NO! Unless and until you are threatening to do me from behind with a gun pointed at my head, I am not going to change my decision.

  10. The Ugly Truth

    I mean is this the dude who was King Leonidas? Seriously? I mean Gerard of '300' with his abs is awesome, Gerard of 'ps: I love you' with his Irish accent is bearable, but Gerard without either is plain facking pain in the ass. It's supposed to be a rom – com, I get it. And coming from a self confessed rom – com junkie, this was beyond all hope. I mean the movie tried to be bit like 'Hitch' for women. Every Rom – com is defined by one big moment, this had none. End of story.

    Do I recommend it?
    NO! And that's the ugly truth.


Some of the things which I noticed after watching all these movies was that barring the exception of '500 days of Summer' and 'UP', there are no characters who polarize you, even in movies which I have recommended like a lunatic. There is just no thread which binds the audience to the story or the character. You don't label characters as being good or bad or somebody for whom you are sympathetic towards or just plain cheering on for the pure pleasure of it.

But the good thing, in spite the obvious lack of alter ego inducing characters, there are some good stories (scratch that) some great movies.

The year is yet to get over and there are lot more movies I need to finish watching. If I remember or if somebody reminds me to do a year round up at the end of December, I shall do one.


Ps: Do me a favor and leave a comment with movies you think I SHOULD watch. If I have already watched it then I will let you know



Dreadw said...

some are kinda old but I did enjoy them:Charlie Bartlett; Reign Over Me; 50 First Dates; 88 Minutes (w/a few tweaks would have been really good); Fight Club; Black Dahlia; Blades of Glory; Click; Cloverfield; Get Smart; Garden State; Kill Bill Vol 1&2; Last Holiday; Sunshine Cleaning; Last Chance Harvey;Oceans 11-13; Road to Perdition; Robots; Meet the Robinsons; Rundown; Saws 1-6; Secretary; Stardust; Stranger Than Fiction; the illusionist; The Prestige; The Ringer;Vantage Point and an old one Widows Peak

Nothingman said...

Too many movies man, and I have not seen any of them, ok except FnF4.

Good that you got the time to watch these movies and time to write about them too.

Have you seen A Clockwork Orange? It is the mindfuck!



Zennmaster said...

Yeah seen Clockwork orange. You ll find bits of that in Bronson. Tho Kubrick isn my kind of a movie maker really... :)