Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I need somebody to play spin a yarn with me for a little while

So, since a lot of you don't know, Legend Press is going to take quite some time to let anybody know about the status of the whole short story thing. (And if you are a regular reader, you might have got a copy of that story in your inbox asking you for your feedback) Anyway, till things clear up on the whole proper job front, I have begun another writing project. This time around, I intend on finishing it.


But there is a slight problem, owing to the lack of social interaction at the moment, having difficulty in proceeding past certain road blocks, owing to which I need somebody to play spin a yarn with me and thereby giving the story a much needed push. Anyway, am posting the 2nd chapter of the whole thing up until the part post which I am having trouble getting past.


Read the troublesome part here


Well you all know my mail id. Any help at this point of time would be real nice.

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