Sunday, 18 October 2009

Blue - Review


Now I have never been known to review a movie in a separate blog post altogether which I don't end up recommending and raving about for weeks and months on end. But I think, 'Blue' will have to buck this tradition.


There are a number of things which go right for the movie. For starters, the casting department did a half decent job of getting half the players right. The songs and the music were good (minus the videos, am talking about just the audio). Lara Dutta in a bikini! *Sigh!* (I did say number of things right? Well Lara Dutta in a bikini … get it? Oh never mind!)


Now am not a director, nor am I a budding film maker, but if I wanted to be one, then I would take 'Blue' as that one movie which taught me all the things I should never ever do if I ever were to make a movie. Right from the opening sequence of Sanjay and Akshay sparing in the boxing ring (somebody introduce reality and common sense to Mr. Dutt, who spars with his wind sheeter on) which was ripped off 'Broken Arrow', Akshay trying to pick up Kylie 'Swingers' style, Zayed's bike being blown off courtesy 'Oceans 12', Sanjay Dutt getting into a gun battle La 'Bad Boys' style, there references to 'Dude Movies' are galore. I mean sure all these scenes are iconic and brilliant, but do I really want to see them again? The answer is No!


But, if the movie was more like a quiz of spot the movie from which the scene is lifted off from then it does make for good entertainment.


The biggest problem I had was with the indecision on behalf of the director and the screenplay writer on characters and their actual personalities, none of the characters got the chance to explain themselves or their behavior. I don't really blame the actors since the movie is supposed to be director's vision (or so I am told, I may be wrong here). Specifically Sanjay's paranoia with Akshay manipulating him or Zayed's return to the family fold. And if you ask me, the audience realization of Akshay being the bad guy should have been as monumental as people's realization that Naseerudin Shah was the bad egg 'Mohra'.


Again, the movie could have been good, could have been great even, but then, too many influences ruined it all for me. And maybe the director could have mixed and matched and probably extended his movie watching to encompass more genres than just plain Hollywood action movies.


And I can only say that it was money well spent on Anthony D' Souza, an expensive lesson taught. Hope the bugger can remember things learnt during the course of his first movie. And hope somebody gives him a list of movies which will inspire him to think and have his own vision than pawning something off.


And while am on the subject – Who the fuck put that sticker of a lip stud on Katrina's lips? And doesn't today's technology or whatever they use in the back rooms of production remove that god awful black sticker sticking to her lips? And really? Dreadlocks? Wasn't Monica's tryst with them in F.R.I.E.N.D.S teach you guys a lesson. Very few women can carry them off and Katrina Kaif isn't one of them. A quick look in the mirror would have proven that.

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