Sunday, 4 October 2009

500 days of summer – Review

After being disappointed by movies which I was say mildly excited about (G.I Joe, Transformers 2 for example), 500 days has once again proved why I love watching movies, and why I love stories where I can see the characters enact the emotions I see them experiencing inside my head, on screen.

Well in my opinion, this movie is the true successor to 'Say Anything'. I mean, it's got a stellar soundtrack, which forced me to pause the movie and go online and download the music while I was still watching the movie. It portrays men in a manner which very few story tellers are comfortable with, men who are vulnerable, who feel pain, are not afraid to cry, no am not referring to men who seem to have their dicks buried deep inside their vagina's but men like you and I, not like men we wish we were.

And that is where the movie really scores points, this is really a story about Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and every other bloke out there who secretly believed that he had finally met the one (some like Tom and me are brave enough to share this piece of news with our friends), only to have his heart handed back to him, along with a request to get a pair of balls.

You know as a guy you are going to love any movie which begins with a twist to the usual scheme of events, it begins with the usual disclaimer about the whole "Bears no resemblance to real or blah, blah…BLAH!", "Especially You Jenny Beckman", "Bitch."

I mean there are times when you as a dude begin to replace Zooey's face with every girl who played you out like how you usually tend to act when you are acting like a prick, and you really want to hate her. But you just can't. The humor is ironic, and sometimes too subtle, but that's how things are usually.

The movie references so many awesome movie styles. I mean I know I am rambling, mostly because I got my boxers in a bunch at just how awesome the story is. Actually coming to think of it, it's just another love story. Actually it's not. Oh never mind me and my insane babbling.


Go watch the movie.

The End.


Rating – Super Facking A

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