Friday, 28 August 2009

Phew! That was some long run!

It has been quite some time for a lot of things. It's been quite some time before I went on one my usual movie marathons (kind of helps that none of my roommates are at home to try and talk to me or disturb me while I watch a movie), it's been quite some time since I came down here and just rambled.


Anyway, quick review of all the movies which I have watched over the last 36 hours –


  • Duplicity – Forgettable performances by the lead actors. Julia Roberts looks like a pretty ordinary woman rather than the pretty woman I know and remember her by, there is really not much for Clive Owen to do, he doesn't even manage to impress me with this English Accent. But, having said all this, the story is pure brilliant, it's a lot like Match stick men if you are looking for a movie reference.

  • Public Enemies – Now I have always found Johnny boy to be plain awesome in anything and everything he does, and he doesn't disappoint in this movie as well. But the story speed is tad slower for my taste and Christian Bale is a effing tool if you ask me, when you are watching the movie watch the way he says the words ending with 'ere'. Makes a bloody bumbling idiot of himself, there are scenes where both Johnny and Bale need to confront each other, and it is so easy to notice that Bale is bloody pussy who is getting his knickers into a knot at the mere brilliance of Johnny.

  • Bangkok Dangerous - It is listed as an action movie in the movie archives. I will leave you to judge the movie's credentials when I say the Love story in the movie is better than the bloody action in it. It is almost a pain to watch Cage in his presumably wig trying to get that first piece of shit lodged in his anal rectum out of his constipated intestines. A B – Grade Hindi movie does far better justice than this movie.

  • In the loop – Now, I may not get Coen Brother's sense of irony and humor. But this BBC production is what makes me smile and laugh at times. It's a lot of like Office (the UK version with Ricky Geravis) only it's more like Office in the British cabinet. Funny. And plus it has ample English accent forcing me copy and imitate them. J

  • Crank 2 High Voltage – There are very few movies whose stories are so implausible and over the top that you love it. Crank the first one, was one such movie and you really thought that it would be the end of it all. But, trust me on this one, Crank 2 goes 1 up on Crank. They introduce all the main characters from the original movie and all those preposterous stunts they pull in the first movie, they go one better in this one. Brilliant. And with enough interludes of video games, you really ought to view this movie as a back story of a video game. And its pure brilliance.

  • Ghosts of Girlfriends Past – This is a movie I suggest you don't even think about, not even suggest it to your girl looking to score brownie points by acting out the emotional dude card, the movie is so horribly pathetic that even if you have gotten laid with the said girl you have suggested the movie to, you can forget about getting laid with her that day/night.

  • Fighting – Another movie which had a brilliant premise, it could have been great like Rocky, but what does it result in, fuckal bullshit. Now, I have said, time and again, I love my stories which have a beginning, a middle and an End. But this movie, all it has is a fuckall middle. You don't the beginning and the ending you certainly can't call it an ending. Disappointed really, I was really looking forward to watch the movie.

  • Religulous - Ah! What can I say about the plain genius of this movie? You thought Michael Moore and his Fahrenheit 911 was good. You really don't know what you are talking about. Anybody whoever feels anything about religion (notice how I religion, and not about being religious or spiritual for that matter) which is about everybody on this damn (oh! Am I now going to go to hell? :P ) planet, they ought to watch this movie. Brilliant. Sheer, absolutely brilliant.

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