Thursday, 20 August 2009

A lot of first’s this weekend

As you grow old there are a lot of things you can knock of your bucket list. Well even though there are not things to look forward in life you know with the rising debts and no means of clearing them up, life has a way of throwing you a bone now and again to keep you interested in the game. I got one, I am going to be attending me friend/brother's bachelor party. Being the first dude in our gang to tie the knot, take the plunge, commit suicide, you know etc etc. His bachelor party is something which was an idea for a long time now.


And now the idea is being put into action. So, without his knowledge, we taking him to Alibag, one of those nice quaint little places with beaches and all, away from the hustle bustle of the city of Bombay. Going to get him royally drunk, there are 2 people in our gang I have never seen drunk and talk shit. One is Nikhil (the dude who is getting married) and the other is Gopal. Well, apart from getting him drunk, we are getting STRIPPERS.


Now, am not really sure which makes me more happier, the fact that we are not such big bastards as to not throw the bachelor party, or the fact that there are going to be strippers. Now, I have done and seen a lot of shit in my life. But stripper! That is definitely going to be a first.


And since bringing any of the girls we are interested or who may be interested in us to this gig is going to be one big fucking mistake. So, all boys, loads of fucking booze, and stripper(s). I am not sure how many are going to be there though.


They say, bachelor party is not really for the groom but more for his friends or something like that. Whatever, I am just too damn excited right now. Anyway, will try and get some photos of the insanity which is going to ensue that night. Laters

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