Friday, 17 July 2009

What have I been keeping myself busy with?

Well, for a long time I was getting depressed thinking about how I am going to be spending my idle time. There is only so many hours I can sleep in a day, watch tv, shit, shave and eat. So, while looking for something to keep me occupied in this period of inactivity, I came across what I can only call as my lifeline. "The Luke Bitmead Bursary", and it was really too good for me to ignore or even discard for whatever trivial reasons I could try and conjure at that ungodly hour of 3 in the morning.


So, I whipped open the word doc and started writing, and must say this is the only thing which has been keeping me busy, facebook really was falling short on that front. But where facebook failed, Twitter stepped in. Being more dynamic in nature than facebook, it really has played the role which this stupid blog was supposed to play. All you people who have been reading this blog suck! Yes, I am opening ostracizing all you bastards, still can't get myself to say the 'B' word for women…


Why you ask me? Well all this while when I have posted the initial work on me book you guys read it or even better don't read it, whatever be the case I never got no responses, which meant that this attention whore (read: me) never went further with the project. So, now that I finally working with full steam on this project which is about 1/5th complete, this blog is going to suffer and probably answer the question "Wha(t) book?" with something concrete in the next couple of weeks.


So, am I resting this blog for good? I don't know, maybe. I certainly am not going to be coming on here as often I have been in the past. And it's all thanks to you guys. J


Later, was a pleasure all this while!


Ps: don't even get me started on the goa trip! So not a good time to ask about it…

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