Thursday, 9 July 2009

Some more theories

Well, can't really help but keep thinking about some random shit just so that I don't jump in front of the next cow or buffalo which passes in front of my place. So, while the job hunting is going on at an alien wrap speed which makes it look like it really is crawling along but gives you the impression that many light years have gone by since you last checked the tachometer readings. I have had those epiphanies which makes you deludes you into thinking that you are some sort of tormented genius, let me list them out for you –

  • Depression – While it is but obvious for a 'normal' human being (yes, I am taking the liberty of calling myself that, so sue me!) to be depressed from time to time, it is totally normal. So, while riding my bike (which is a savior, trust me, especially when you don't have money in your account) I came up with this theory ( like many others!) that people get depressed about things, things which they are unable to do. The inability to do stuff is what really gets people by their balls. Whether, it is meeting up with friends for coffee, or go some place travelling or sorting things out with friends you have fallen out of touch with, just stuff which people are unable to do. That is what causes depression. Now, I don't know what the hell the shrinks have to say about this, but I seriously believe that this is what causes people to fall into depression.


  • The year 2009 – is really the year of accidents, serendipitous or otherwise in nature. Whether it is with people getting married, divorced, people giving birth to things or people dying. This really, really is a year of accidents. Every year has a trend, couple of years back, the trend was to get married, I mean you turn on any news channel, or pick up any tabloid you saw/read/heard about people tying the knot. Then came the year of people giving birth, and then came the year 2009 – 10. Either people are dying, or getting injured or getting married. They all really are the same thing. Accidents.


  • Children of the 90's – Just like the children of the 60's who saw the coming of age of drug induced euphoria and a turn of events which perforate the history books which we were forced to read and memorize the dates for. We, the children of the 90's are truly at the centre of a phase which can best be described as 'passing of the baton'. I mean the number of people who are considered legends/icons of our era are retiring, whether it was Pete Sampras or Michael Schumacher or Michael Jackson or Ajit Agarkar (oh BTW, I am getting his autograph, I can now die as a happy man :D ), whether it was the rise and fall of Amitabh Bachchan or Metallica or Guns n Roses, whether it was the rise of new stalwarts like Roger Federer. I mean the list is endless really). And all these people, who we now take it for granted and occasionally name drop with bravado, will be part of the history books which (your) kids will read about and think you are a loony when you will talk about these years to them.


  • They were right! – Yes, all those people, my mum, N, P everybody whoever said that 'Your friends, will move on with their life, they will go to a different city, get a job, and basically live their life whilst you stay back stranded trying to figure out what the fuck happened!'. And it was more than evident when I went to Bombay this time around. These were the people, who have been with me, seen me through my high's and lows for almost half my lifetime. And suddenly, I can't recognize who these guys are. Bloody unnerving and irritating, especially when you think about all those people who are going 'I told you so' right about now. And it is true, you do remember things people say in jest or otherwise years after and curse them.


  • Things happen in bunches – Whether they are good (like the ones which makes pee because you are jumping so much) or bad (like the times when you couldn't find a place to pee for so long that when you finally do you shit in your pants!). They always happen in a phase kind of manner. And they all really are cyclical, the only downside is that the bad things have a bigger curve than the good times.


  • It is very difficult for you to get paid for something you really are good at –I am blessed…What am I blessed with? Well, I am blessed with a sharp eye, I can spot trends way before than anybody else. Whether it is going to be a movie, book, slang, sitcom, fashion trend. Just about anything, it really is like a gift, I just can't seem to help it. Though it's a different issue that I really don't know how the hell to put it good use, especially where I can make money out of it. And it is true, a lot of people who are good at shit just can't seem to get paid for it. Maybe the Joker was joking about his dad telling him about not doing something one is good at for free.

There were other theories too, I forgot them now. Will write in later, anyway got all the time in the world to do shit now! Hope the damn SSB letter doesn't take ages to come through as said by other people, but most likely will not come at all. Sigh!

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