Tuesday, 2 June 2009

An uneventful birthday


So, I turned another year old yesterday. And it looks like these birthdays are turning a shade worse than the previous years. Even though it was uneventful and boring in every way possible there were few silver linings –

  • I did not lose my phone this year.

  • All the usual suspects (friends and the lot) and few unsuspecting ones (my brother for starters, a very old school mate of mine who always manages to make me smile) remembered and called in to wish. Which was nice, I guess…


Yes, that is all I expected on my birthday. I did not expect to be inundated with so many calls that the telephone lines get jammed, I did not expect my friends to be throwing a surprise bash with the whole stripper coming out of the cake routine. No sir, just expected it be quite and normal just like any other day. Well, these expectations were based on a number of variables, to begin with, it was on Monday, my roommates had gone home, which meant that I would be not alone not only on the weekend but also on my birthday. And so it was, Me, myself and I celebrated my birthday, in a very low key manner. Most of my friends, well at least the ones who called in were curious about what I intended to do and what I was planning to do on my birthday, and made them aware of all the variables, they suggested I go out for dinner and drinks. Now, ideally that is the ideal thing to do, but, I for one would not have called up people asking them to meet up for dinner and booze, just because it was my birthday, even more so when I don't do shit like this on normal non – birthday weekends.


So, what did I really do, slept sometime around 7 in the morning mostly because I had work to be finished the previous night, woke up at around 9, reported for work. Heated couple of slices of pizza had them for lunch, slept in the afternoon, Me, Myself and I love our sleep way too much to let it go, so caught up on the missed zzzz's. Woke up, made coffee, tried watching something good on TV, but as the day would have it, there was absolutely nothing to watch, well there was the usual bunch of kung fu movies which I have seen like a million times, spider man was running again and a really old Amitabh movie called 'Toofan'. Nothing which really caught my fancy, I figured since it was my birthday and shit they would probably have something fancy going on TV to keep me occupied, but guess not. Ordered dinner in, as I was definitely not going to cook for myself, especially on my birthday.


Didn't have booze, since I had finished it all the previous night, given that it was a Sunday and all that crap and I figured the recurrence of the whole joint problems were coming because of the whole binge drinking bit, so just settled for smokes and Pepsi. Wanted to clean up my room and the house, but was just too lazy to do so. BUT, I did have a bath, wanted to give myself a shave too, but then was too lazy to do so. But, like I said all this is becoming some sort of a tradition for the last couple of years. Let's hope that the coming years are not so fucking sorry. =)


So, here's looking at me kid… 21 till you die. Since 18 is no longer the legal drinking age. :P

Ps: Just in case, if you were wondering, no I did not cut any cake. I definitely did not sing happy birthday song to myself, despite major peer pressure. Though I did take the preemptive measure of gifting myself couple of things which were way too expensive and useless and which I am now regretting, knowing fully well that those bastards are not going to be buying me any shit… :P

Pps: Wanted to do couple of stupid and crazy things but then refrained myself from doing them, and think I did good. Not really proud of myself for having thought of doing those things, but what the hell, it was my birthday, so sue me… :P


Anandi said...

I am sorry i forgot your birthday Chomu. Belated Happy Birthday.

Ria said...

oh u pooor dearrr! :(