Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Quite Interesting

Did you know that the Earth had more than one moon? Neither did I, and neither did Alan Davies (a degenerate bastard who also happens to be a genius with a lisp, kind of like me). Anyway, apart from overloading my underworked mind with trivial trivia such as "The difference between cake and a biscuit" I also realized that the reasons why I turned into a bastard in the first place and why I so vehemently dislike Woody Allen (hate is too strong a word).

Well, apart from me considering Woody Allen to be a bumbling rhetoric pain in the ass who ever stops talking, and having married his step daughter, typical of an Alan if you ask me, he also said the following –

"Sex between a man and a woman could be wonderful, provided you are between the right man and woman!"

I mean who really needs another man when you are having sex? Really! Unless you are a woman of course, that guy really needs to resolve some of his issues if you ask me.


I mean take me for instance; I am resolving issues one at a time, sometimes even two. But that happens on rare occasions. But, I finally confirmed that the reason why I turned cynical and an asshole was that earlier people and their actions used to bother the crap out of me. You know much like a kid seeing domestic violence; it just does something to his psyche. And either the kid turns into a women beater himself or hates (see, now this warrants hate, not dislike!) women beaters. And since it used to bother the crap out of me, mostly because I was observing things much like an autistic kid trying to make sense by having his own set of rules and shit as to how the world operated. I stop bothering about people and voila! The whole getting scandalized feeling went out of the window.


Now, that I am trying to go back to being autistic and being a social retard all over again, the whole learning bit is tad difficult to go through, no wonder the Satan manages to have a better recruitment style than his counterpart (whoever that is! It damn well isn't the RSS or whoever the BJP dudes beat their chest about). Yes! I am aware of the whole lecture about finding the middle path and crap, but it's easier said than done. Much like suggesting somebody to shit in their pants, but the act of shitting in your pants is bit difficult to do, not to mention icky as shit (no pun intended there, not if you did not get it the first instance).


Anyway, things are pretty confusing at this point of time, that is an understatement of sorts. Confusing in the sense that suddenly the guys I thought were friends for the last decade or something suddenly act and sound like bloody acquaintances. Confusing in the sense I am not sure when I am going to be jobless and out on the streets with the placard of unemployed stuck held in my hands. Confusing in the sense, talking about the same things with yourself really does not provide a fresh perspective or calm one down when you are hyper ventilating.


And, to top it all, I couldn't have chosen a more bad time than now to quit smoking, well not quit exactly but at least reduce it drastically, like from 3 packs to about 3. The good news is that I am actually making progress there. Bloody expensive habit if you ask me, really is!     The other good thing is that I may have just gotten the hang of managing my finances, just about. Now, if I can only figure out how people save it. Then it really would be wonderful.


Plus, I really need to get to cleaning my room up, been procrastinating about it for quite a while now. Ran out of excuses, don't have any left now. Though, I think I could use "I am not able to sleep" line, but think it just works against my cause in this case.


Though, me really think that I should get back to watching more Alan'ism's. He really is a genius, if you haven't already checked him out on youtube, then please do. Don't wait for a fucking gold plated invite from me asking you to do so. Even better download QI.


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