Monday, 25 May 2009

Just hope I don’t delete this like the rest of them all

Well I really am trying to write something and post it before I decide to delete it completely. So quickly let me run through the things which have been happening in this really long absence –


  • Started being a nice loser guy I was when I was back in school kinds, you know the one with morals, principles and all that jazz. It's hard olrite to say the least but I am trying.
  • Started talking to mum again, weirdly enough I have missed that crazy woman in my life.
  • Been practicing celibacy for the last couple of weeks. Been good now for a month, let's see how I long I can keep up with this.
  • Drastically reduced my drinking binges from daily to once / twice in a week now. Mostly on the weekends.
  • Trying now to reduce my smoking as well, but as always this is proving to be the hardest thing to do.
  • Came to terms with a gross error of judgment on my behalf.
  • Having trouble sleeping at nights, mostly because I get woken up by images of cringe inducing past.
  • Getting extremely nervous about the number of weddings I have to attend this year, mostly because it will deal with me getting dressed and meeting a lot of relatives and friends. All at once, the at once is the problem.
  • I hope I don't lose my phone this time of the year, been the trend for the last couple of years.
  • Feels weird talking to friends, suddenly things have changed and as people know I am not one to be cool with changes especially ones I don't want.
  • Saw 99, the movie… Damn good movie… brilliant really… though am thinking as to why so many movies are being made in Delhi about Delhi.
  • Chennai fucking lost the IPL, thank god otherwise would not have been able to listen to my roommate go on about the accuracy of his predictions, and me having to keep quiet when the pro-Chennai lobby goes to town distributing free upma and shit.
  • Really looking forward to a good nice vacation sometime in July. Let's hope this time things actually pan out as planned.
  • Been going on a retro hindi trip, and getting surprised and amazed at how these songs still manage to wake the filmy wannabe inside me.
  • Really need to start getting out of the house more often. Its starting to get to me now…
  • Have finally started to take my work seriously. Which is a good thing… I think… but still wish I get pushed to do better more. Can't do the whole self motivation bit, I need something to excite me and get me enthused.

Guess this should help me get somewhere with this issue I have been having with writing and deleting shit.

Ps: anybody got any bright ideas on any set routine one should follow while writing, guess could use that info somewhere.

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