Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Things which I never understood

And in all probability things which I will never understand, I believe when questions are asked such as the ones listed below the look on face is the same as the one on a baboon's when asked to solve a quadratic equation. These are questions which I don't think I will ever find an answer to or even if somebody does answer them, I don't think I will be convinced with the answer –

  • What is my mother tongue?
  • Am I always this crazy/stupid/stubborn?
  • Why did you move from delhi?
  • Why don't you like Chennai (I think I know the answer for this one, but mostly the look on my face is replaced by a constipated one rather than the one on the baboon's face)?
  • Why do you keep shifting jobs?
  • What do you really want to do?
  • Women (especially during their periods, the entire spectrum of emotions one is subjected is like somebody taking a dump on a mosaic )
  • Why I really hate my father?
  • Why I really can't appreciate my mother?
  • Why I don't talk to my brother?
  • Why do I find to let go of things so hard to do?
  • Are you a geek? ( I really don't know the answer to that one)
  • Why mom thought it would be a good idea to change my name?
  • Why growing up is so damn complicated?
  • Why money is really so bleeding important?
  • Why I never share my work on unpredictability with others and finish it?
  • Will I grow into my father?
  • How in the world did I turn into somebody so complicated?
  • Did mom's wish to dress me up like girl leave me traumatized forever?
  • Is everything really connected?
  • Why I cry when am watching movies while am alone?
  • Why do I crave so much attention?
  • Why do I keep digging my own grave?
  • My need to keep thinking and asking questions and then seeking answers for them.
  • Why I can't seem to quit smoking? (not that I want to, but you know…refer to previous Q)
  • Why I can't seem to trust people?
  • If people fall in love where does it all disappear then?
  • How do certain people manage to have such loving parents?
  • Is everything make believe?
  • Are the things which I think about actually made into movies or books?

The list really is endless, just wanted to do this exercise so that I could clear my mind and hit the books. Got some whooping 20 chapters to study for the first time before Sunday, they should make study materials to be like some engrossing fictional work, something like a dude book, a book written by a dude for dudes like neuromancer.


Ps: I think I have my next project lined up. 52 books in 52 weeks, all that once I am done with all this shitty exams and more shitty work.

Pps: donations are welcome, mostly so that I can quit work, watch movies read books, get drunk and get laid.

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