Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Say Anything

So, I just finished watching the movie 'Say Anything' and have to admit, it certainly justifies being on all the lists it is present. Loved the movie, John Cusack makes such dude movies if you actually think about it, take 'Say Anything', 'High – Fidelity', 'Con Air' I mean you can't get more dude in your movies than that. All the time with all great English movies I think how it can be made into one in hindi. Can't really help think about this mostly because I have grown up watching movies whose stories lines were blatantly lifted off English movies and were darn good too.

The momentous scene where John lifts the stereo up to play the song is just plain classic. The movie brought back lot of memories, some good, some bad and most importantly it left me with this warm fuzzy feeling like when you pick up a teddy bear when you too old to play with teddy bears but too young to gift them either, the one with the eye popped out, the same one you used to play when you were a little kid. It leaves you with this trace of hope, this glimmering line from where you know the sun may soon come out from behind the veils of the smoky gray clouds.

There was one dialogue in the movie which I guess struck a chord with me which really had no connection with the movie. The one where one of John's friends explains how things have changed because they have had sex, even when they turn 60 years old and they bump into each other they will greet each other with the usual pleasantries but what they really are thinking is that they had sex with them. I mean, this is true, apart from the times where I usually bumble around and play the nervous wreck coming across as the complete bastard I am with women I want to have sex with. I feel queasy with women with whom I don't keep in touch and with whom I have had sex with. And it's true, apart from the all the pleasantries and the almost fake what is happening with each other's lives we talk, I keep thinking, damn I have slept with this woman. And I am pretty sure that the same thought is running in their head too. I guess that is why Genghis Khan is remembered by so many people, phew he slept around a lot didn't he?

But damn, whatte a movie! Whatte a movie!

Guess the tune of Gran Torino is now going to replaced with Peter Gabriel's 'In your eyes'.

Ps: if you guys have not watched Gran Torino or High Fidelity or Say Anything, you SUCK!

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