Tuesday, 7 April 2009

And finally

I find something to write about. It's been quite some time hasn't it been, what with all the abstinence and shit, well let me tell you one thing, sex is like a bone to a dog and when that is taken away and is not replaced with some other toy the dog has too much of excess energy to burn off. Anyway, after having cast my vote for the congress party (you know the whole Haath hi mera saathi deal), couple of interesting things happened.

One, for starters exam season is once again here, so finished giving the first of it, hopefully should pass that one. Got 3 more to go, hopefully should pass by without causing too many rectum clinches. I started twittering, and trust me its fun, if you did take the liberty and say I was now hooked on to it then you are not too far away. Oh the other thing which I wanted to tell you is that you guys should watch this movie called YPF, the expansion of the acronym may mislead you and may label me as some sort of pervert not that you have not done that already. But the movie is called young people fucking…LOL

And the movie is like one of those indie movies, one of those which the mainstream population never does get to hear about it leave alone get a chance to see it. And the movie is hilarious, the movie is about 6 couples (well one includes a 3some) and it deals with all those awkward things which one thinks about or feels when one is about to do it and while doing it. It really is a brilliant movie, one of those which make you go "damn that's exactly what I was thinking that time with that girl". Try catching it sometime if you find the time.

I am more or less counting down the days left for me to go to Mumbai, it really has been a long time since I went there and partied till my boxers were wet with sweat (yes, I know gross graphic images I tend to conjure) but should be good fun. Hopefully, should get to plan if we throwing the bachelor party for Nik and Paresh in Goa or Bangkok. This reminds me I need to give that form to that passport dude. The rest of things have been more than bloody boring what with all the mind numbing work I need to get done and the books I need to worm my way through.

Oh, before I forget I am now hooked on to 'Beauty and the Geek' mostly because I identify with the geeks and I realized that I get along with geeks famously mostly because I am one and beauties are generally exasperating to say the least (btw beauties seem to have a decent vocab if you ask me, exasperating was one of the words they used to describe me).

Oh, Oh, Oh before I forget… METALLICA IS GETTING INDUCTED INTO THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. About time I would say…and the best part, Jason gets to be on stage with the rest of the guys once again. The glory days of the Black Album are fucking back. WOOOHOOOO!!!




Ps: will keep you posted thru twitter about the rest of the inane and bull shit which I keep thinking…

Pps: seriously thinking about getting the name changed to Athul now…haven't yet decided on the last name yet, suggestions are always welcome…like you guys are actually going to suggest something… I am just being courteous here…


Anandi said...

'oh oh oh...' girlie!

Moi said...

*rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

You are certainly good at inventing a lot of crap!