Monday, 30 March 2009

Seperate Ways...

Is the song I am listening to on repeat currently by Teddy Thomson, seems kind of apt at the moment given the situation that I have just washed my hands off a cool 80k. Easy come and easy go is what I say. You guys should must give this Teddy dude a try, the guitar and the vocals are a painful all puns intended (even the ones which I probably din’t think about). Anyway, so I figured before I immerse myself like a nerd on Prozac for the upcoming exams a movie marathon should do the trick to put me in the mood.
Q. What movies did I watch?
A. Hmm, let me see
1. Gulal – and about time too I should say, and I have to tell that I love Anurag’s stories and storytelling because they are and told in a manner which is similar to mine. The movie is heavy and needs to have a set mood before you watch it, try reading about it before you go watch it.
2. Watchmen – One of those movies which I thought would be pop-corn faring box office busting movies, well it is, but this is way better than I imagined it. If you have read the comics then don’t watch it cos you ll find the pace of the movie to be bit slack but if you haven’t then welcome to the world of watchmen where Superheroes have sex. Enough said.
3. Straight – Now this is a time pass movie, one of those which you watch because you really have nothing better to do (studying for exams does not count)
4. Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist – decent chick flick. Nice soundtrack as the name suggests but worse then straight. Watch this only when you have finished watching straight and you still don’t have anything to do, and I mean absolutely nothing not even having watching straight on your list.
5. Yes Man – yeah, it was a decent time pass movie, nothing to really rave and rant about. Bit on the lines of Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar.
6. My Best Friend’s Girl – This is another ok movie, something on the lines of hitch but awesome sound track for the movie though.
7. Valkyrie - something like Mangal pandey, just that you don’t feel that when Tom Cruise gets court marshaled he died for nothing like how Aamir Khan does in Mangal Pandey.
8. Chariots of Fire – Just wanted to watch something underdog-ish feel good movie.
9. Field of Dreams – Fuckall movie, I have no idea why it gets referenced in so many guy movies. I mean Rocky beats this sports movie hollow like one of those beef ribs Rocky punches the shit out of.

Apart from all the movies, I got myself one of those toy guns which shoots pellets and pretended to be 007 on her Majesty’s secret service whilst playing NoHoldem Texas Poker at the casino royale lobby (courtesy Facebook) trying to relive the magic of Casino Royale all over again. Oh did I mention that I also had the by far the most ugliest breakups ever in recent history. It was so ugly that my weight on the weighing machine looks like a pretty figure. Talking about weight and shit, I think I tore my rotor cuff muscle and it hurts like a bitch so squash is going to take a break for 2 weeks till I get past the 2 completely unknown subjects for which I need to writing exams for. The hand in the sling does make it look all cool and stuff, but typing with one finger really is a hard task.

The good news is that I would be going to Mumbai for a good 4-5 days at the end of the month. Oh and by the way just a reminder if the woman says that she will pop a pill the next day don believe her. Just trust me on that one. Replied to my dad’s mail, its kind of difficult for me to comprehend the fact that I manage to crack a smile when I find dad’s emails in my inbox. Maybe I hate to admit it but maybe just maybe I am little girl in ringlets waiting for her dad’s approval and shit. Fuck knows…

This is probably the worst preparation for exams I have done in a really long time. And I have no idea why, maybe because the subjects are a fucking drag. I think that the subjects are as appealing as getting blown by some grandmotherly woman without her false set of teeth. Yeah, I know I am rambling, you know what I really need is a good movie with an awesome character in it, just so that I can escape this drudgery for the next 2 weeks. I really am not looking forward to hitting those books trust me. But I have to, about time too… or maybe I just need to get laid. :P


Stranger in a strange land said...

You want a good movie with a strong character(s) in it ??

Infernal Affairs
(The original from which The departed was copied. It is bloody awesome. Trust me)

The equation of love and death
(You will fall at the feet of the lead actress in this one. )

Anandi said...

Its cause you didnt ask the coolest person on earth (me) to make ur timetable for you...