Thursday, 19 March 2009

I still do keep some promises and I hate old age!

It's true, I may not keep all the promises which I make out like handing out candies in Halloween, but I do keep some promises. These promises are more like tattoos, things which will stay with me forever. What I am talking about is the fact that when I was growing up, and the family shifted to a shit – hole for a city, I had 2 choices either cycle to school or walk it out. And we are talking about a good 5 -6 KMs here. While I did have a cycle which was mostly used by the bhaiya's working for us at that point of time, now I figured that if I did take that cycle to school, I would reach school on time but it would lead to a series of questions and comments about how I never have money to buy stuff from the canteen and how I keep bumming bites of their sandwiches. So by default, the choice was to walk, and I somehow used to make it on time since I figured out the timings and shit. (for all those who are thinking that I should have taken the cycle no matter what, well screw you, I was a shy, insecure kid when I was growing up, and when you are an outsider every few years you need to learn to do shit fast to gel in with the rest of the crowd but still stand out…)


But it really was the trudge back home which got to me, my reasoning was if I reached home late then I would miss the first match which would be played in the evenings, (yes, for all you madrasis who fucking go for fucking tuition and bharatnatyam classes and shit, people play in the evenings and not early in the mornings on school days). So while walking, I used to walk up fast enough so that I could hit the main road soon enough for me to try and get a lift till the beginning of my colony gate. On some days I used to get a quick rides sometimes I used keep showing the thumb till I reached my place with no luck. And all the while I used to think that once when I get my bike I would give lift to anybody who asks for lift and I can give them a lift. And till date I keep that promise to myself…


So today, while giving a school kid a lift till the bus stop which was a good 2 KM away from the place I needed to go, and while I used to sit on somebody's bike I used to think what I should say to thank the person while I got down, used to get this nice one liners but mostly ended up saying "thank you sir" you know make the person feel good that at least somebody called him a sir and all. Today the kid fucking called me a fucking uncle. I mean true I have week old stubble but I damn sure don't look like an uncle. I mean sure couple of my friends are going to get married and before I am 25 I would be called uncle by their kids.


At this point I really don't like my friends anymore. Not the ones I have grown up for the last 10 years now, mostly because they are about 2 years older to me. And at least 3 out of 5 of them will get married by end of next year. And they are like 26 now, will turn 27 by end of this year. If you look at it, not a bad age to get married and shit, but fuck! I feel so old now man…


I mean seriously, these guys will be like 40 years old when I turn 25 (i.e if I turn 25, because as the song goes 21 till I die, or whatever is the legal drinking age). I am all for change, and getting old should not be included in that definition. Screw them all, I am going to get couple of college kids for friends (I just hope I don't fucking get tagged with shit like how we guys did when guys who were 23 – 24 old used to hang out with us.).


This is worse than a fucking catch – 22 situation, what would Yossarian do in this case? Find Nate and beat the shit out of him. Not a bad idea, if you actually think about it. Let me go wake my room – mate up… hehehehehehe ( I don't suppose it is possible for me to grow up ever…)

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