Friday, 27 February 2009

There is a happy ending after all!

I just got off the phone with a dear friend of mine, who turns out is going to tie the knot this summer. And fuck! Have we had a rocky relationship, with her calling me a money eating parasite and me calling the love interest of her's at that point of time Vivek Oberoi, and later the other dude as being effeminate in nature. She has had a bleeding tough life, and I cared and I still care for her almost like she is my family. She was actually supposed to be hired by us to take care of us, cook for us basically be the mother hen, which she is. I have never really spoken about her but she always does bring back fond memories, like the time when she thought it was ladies night at provogue and we ended up shelling out a bomb because there was no ladies night. Or the countless nights we have spent on conference calls, talking about life in school, pulling each other's legs and making her answer all sorts of inane questions which only I can have.

But I have to give it to her, she has always had a heart of gold, irrespective of whatever the fuck happened, she always looked out for the best for her friends. She does from time to time creep into my thoughts, she was the one who bitch slapped me and told me to move the fuck on. You know, I have always found it difficult to include people in a family which I can call 'my family' and she definitely ranks in there. With time passing by, we both have realized that keeping in touch gets quite difficult but I do want her to know that she is always there in my prayers whenever I do pray that is. =)

I have never really told her this, mostly because I could never really find the words to tell her this, but I have always liked her, I have always valued her opinions, she was instrumental in my cleaning up my act, I have never really been able to thank her, because you know I get real uncomfortable with things like these which bring a tear to my eye. I feel sorry that I could not be there for her when she was going through shit, I wish I could have been. Lent a shoulder like she did, I wish I could call her home as she called me home. Man, I have missed her, missed talking to her, spending time with her, discussing stock market formulae, discussing fashion and trends, hear her laugh at how insane I can sound. I miss her mothering me… I have to tell, after Preethi, she would probably rank as the next best mother I have had. She always will have a special place in my heart.

I have a strong feeling that, this dude she is getting married to is not going to surprise her with any anti – climax she is so used to receiving in her life. And I know I have not meet the dude, but I am anyway issuing a threat and a warning to this dude, "Dude, if you fucking do anything which will bring a tear to this woman's eyes, I swear to god, before her brothers come to open a can of whoop ass on you I will deal a much worser case for you. And trust me, you don't want me going all psycho on you."

Man, I still can't believe time has passed by so quickly, it has been what? About 5 years now? I still remember the cheap trick she pulled off during 'Raincoat' the movie, or the key role she had in so many other crazy things I have done. She always ended up being at the receiving end of all my antics, fights, squabbles and what nots. I mean I can go on and on, but more than anything, I just want her to have happy ending to her story. This wish of mine is selfish, as always, I want her story to be a happy ending so that I have hope that even I can have a happy ending too. =)

Oh, BTW, I am calling dibs on being her kid's godfather. Your brother's can wait their turn… And I have called dibs, so can't give fake ass excuses about family and all, because I am not buying any of that. =)



Aparna said...

Oh My God!! You can be really sweet !!

Zennmaster said...

always a surprise isn't it...