Monday, 2 February 2009

Q & A

  • Don't you think you seek attention purposely by speaking about your life in such hopeless terms?


    • I think I would have to say Yes! Though I don't suppose I use hopeless terms, but then again I know of at least one woman who thinks that. So Yes.


  • Are you sure you have a problem with commitment or is it just a facade for getting laid and owing no responsibility?


    • Yes, I have a problem with commitment. Though the times when I have gotten laid and there has been no commitment, I have felt horrible about myself. Turns out that I am a little girl after all.


  • What if the right girl came your way and you were too busy enacting this role that you have set for yourself and well you lost her in the process?


    • Hmmm, doesn't look like a question I can answer with a simple yes or no. But I will try anyway, if I lost the girl while I was enacting then I know for a fact that she was not the right girl, for one she never really did get past the superficial layer.


  • Will you answer them?


    • Yes.


Keep the questions coming…(if you want the context for the questions then here you go…)



AJ said...

who is this jobless person who sent you the questions da? really..

Zennmaster said...

you know one of those anon commentators...

Stranger in a strange land said...

You're missing a polygraph machine!

Zennmaster said...

and so is the damn prize money...