Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The moment of truth

So I was watching this program on Star World called "The Moment of Truth". The whole premise is that there are 5 levels, each level has about 5 or 6 questions, and like KBC as the question number keeps increasing the difficulty keeps increasing similarly in this game each question pushes the envelope of with the level of intrusive questions into one's life in the presence of one's near and dear ones.

Sample this question to a contestant whose wife, sister and best friend are in attendance – "Have you delayed having children till now because you are not sure you wife is your true soul mate?" now honestly you would think that to this question one would answer no, and you would reason if not then why get married, right! Wrong… The guy answered "No". And it got me thinking, here I am talking about things which I don't tell anybody, and how I would fare at this game, and I really want to know how I would fare in this game, and in this regard I need the guys who read this post to either leave their questions in the comments section or mail them to me, I will arrange them in the order of increasing difficulty and answer them truthfully.

Now I understand that there will be some questions which I would not be ok to answer in this forum, those questions I will leave them out or answer them in private and if I can't I will tell you that I can't. And if such a question arises, I lose.

So send in the questions. And try to make it good…


Mail – don.osiris@gmail.com

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Anonymous said...

*don't you think you seek attention purposely by speaking about your life in such hopless terms?

*are you sure you have a problem with commitment or is it just a facade for getting laid and owing no responsibility?

*what if the right girl came your way and you were too busy enacting this role that you have set for yourself and well you lost her in the process?

you wanted questions. here they are. will you answer them? yes or no?

ans: NO