Monday, 26 January 2009

I am Dev D. and I am in love with Chanda

Yes, as the fever of Emosonal Atyachar catches the fancy of millions around the world and as the film is poised to make history once it releases, I thought let me write something recapping the month of Jan while the sound track of Dev D reverberates against the walls of my room.

Highlights of Jan

  • Had a huge fallout with my non – existent family which now translates that I have now successfully burnt all bridges of a reconciliation with my said family.
    • Not really sure how I feel about it, there are times when I get pretty upset thinking about the ways things have turned out in my well known dysfunctional family and at times I feel whatever has happened has happened for the good. Tried reconciling with my dad, don't think it had any effect on him though, there is no way I am talking with my mum or any of her relatives.
  • The job search continues
    • Well if anybody knows when the whole recession thing is going to end, do me a favor and let me know.
  • My bank account is equivalent to the number of times Gollum (that thing from LOTR) has gotten laid
    • As far as my knowledge goes, the answer would be zilch, I may be wrong, you never know if that thing did get lucky, but if he did, that would be something wouldn't it.
  • Exams got over
    • All 4 of them, and about time too I should say, though I have a strong feeling that I am going to flunk accounts and financial statements paper. How in god's name do they expect a guy who hates dealing with money to play around with numbers which are represented in monetary units. It sucks, period.
  • Basically asking people to get me a publisher who will then give me book writing deal worth some good money.
  • My culinary skills has improved by leaps and bounds, and I don't mind showing it off, as long as whoever wants to eat has to bring me smokes and booze. There is no free anything, you know.



Anonymous said...

My!My! you sound like you need a jaadu ki jappi

Zennmaster said...

you bet i do... I would quite like it if it was Chanda who was giving it...

anN-series said...

oh my god!...i was watching the teaser of the movie and thinking it fit u perfectly!!

Zennmaster said...

=) I am going to take your name in reference when people call me delusional... :D