Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Silver Lining

There is a silver lining after all. Well, to really see and appreciate the glimmer of the shiny silver beaming around the ragged edges of the dark clouds, you really have to get to know these dark clouds, really well. And there were just too many 'really's in the previous sentence. Anyway, coming back to the dark clouds, dark cloud #1, I quit my job, actually the quitting bit was the easiest and the only job I have done in the last one month. There comes a time in your life, well actually you get couple of these cross roads, where one road takes you places but you really are miserable and the other one you are not sure but you know you will be proud of yourself. No points for guessing which path I took. I really was never to take shit, and even though I have been searching for a job now, for quite some time now actually, in the current scene, the jobs just seem to have dried up, but then again, not the one to be worried about anything.

Dark cloud #2, met with an accident, 2 days after I quit my job, busted my knees, just skidded short of breaking my legs. But if only I could take a video of the fall, it would definitely made into the archives of 'Worlds most awesome videos', while skidding along with the bike, I saw sparks and all coming from the bike, but honestly the sparks did not really look as awesome as the ones I saw in a movie on TV the previous night, maybe it was cause of the early sunlight from dawn.

Well, there are others as well but then I don't really feel like talking about them at this point of time. So coming back to the silver lining looks like 'DEV D' finally looks to release. And man whatte a video, whatte video…Patna Presley's. I just hope that this movie gets Abhay Deol and Anurag the recognition they deserve, 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!' was just plain awesome, 'No smoking' was a eye opener, but none of them quite got the recognition which they deserved, reminds me of my own story. Breaking my head over learning accounting, and trust me never have I encountered a more sorry subject in my life. I mean compared to accounts, electrical and electronic subjects during my engineering seem like hot brunette (not really a blonde fan) twins lying spread eagled shouting out my name to ravage their nubile, flexible bodies till I am famished and I can't raise the flag to be hoisted anymore. Accounts is like that old uncle, who is reserved, sad, grumpy who you intentionally avoid and you know if you get engaged in a conversation with him, you will in all certainty lose your sanity and grow old and die a virgin. I guess, now I actually get as to why women find bankers to be such bores, and why bankers find it so hard to get laid. All beginning to make sense now…

Anyway, have to go now have a bid adieu to my sex life. :'(

Fucking emotional attyachar!

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