Sunday, 7 December 2008

The one where I get married to Kurian

Or was at least advised to. Recently moved into my new place, which would put a lot (NO! make that all) of the bachelor pads to shame. The house which after 4 days of shopping and cleaning and setting the interiors now is something which I am proud to call home. I can go on and on about how awesome my place is, but you would have no idea till you actually drop in, which if you do, you can either plonk yourself on leather couches, let your feet rest on Persian carpet with a coffee cup to be placed on the coffee table, while flicking through the channels brought to you by the massive home theatre system. While I am in the loo marveling at the flush, you would wonder why I am so enamored by the flush, but if you have been to Shri Hari 202 (the place where I stay in Mumbai), you will quite understand my fixation with a powerful flush, and you wander around waiting for me to stop looking at the flow of water in awe, you step into my room going through the neatly placed wardrobe and my workstation, and you sit on the bed which gently curves and bends against your curves, you are surprised to see curtains and floor mats, place mats on the table, on the centre a bottle of fine red wine, the color of the curtain gently blending in with the color of the walls, you go to the kitchen because all the multi colors are making you hungry and you open the fridge not expecting to be filled with food, drinks, milk, vegetables, you open the other cupboards and you find herbs and spices, some of them you have never heard of and you find your knees getting weaker by the minute, and I finally step out of the loo with a big grin on my face, putting a 6 year old who just got his favorite present from Santa Claus on Christmas eve, and I show you the marvel of the lighting of the dining room.

You are surprised to see all these things in my place, and you have a sneaking suspicion if there is a woman's touch somewhere, and I gently hug you from behind assuring you that there is none, and that what you see is what you get and you are thinking to yourself that all this is too good to be true. Well, if you ask me, it is too good to be true, a sweet place for 13k odd and you add in another 13k and you find a place which has the Spartan stamp all over, it is a bit like getting a car customized by Dilip Chabria really.

Now I understand that there are some people (yes you s/w techie :P) who would get jealous when I tell them about the amount of shopping we have done in the last 3 days, and setting the place up which is fit for a Spartan king (me) and his commander (Kurian). And they suggested that Kurian and I should get married, but then that would be illegal on almost 10 raised to power 'n' where n tends to infinity counts. Firstly because, Kurian happens to be my foster father, he also happens to be my Spartan Captain (and you must be quite aware of the rule about relationships with your colleagues).

Let me not ramble on now, will try and post some pictures, but I sincerely suggest you guys to drop in and hear the Onida devil's voice playing at the back of your head. Also have to start studying, apart from the ongoing war between my boss and me I am assuming that I would be visiting this place less often, and completely not in the month of January. Have exams on every single Sunday of January which means that not only the whole month of January fucked for me, my new year is also fucked, as in royally fucked. Oh! BTW, if you guys know any openings for a qualitative market researcher, let me know. Though I would now like to spend most of time at home, but if the job requires relocation you would find me leaving at a moment's notice. Let me know.

Also will ask V to try and send me pictures she took from my Mumbai visits, though not sure if she will send them across, and will try and put up a video of a tour through my house. Oh! BTW it felt nice talking to you, it's been ages, I know you don't read this page much with all the work and all, but looking forward to you coming down sometime soon. Miss you baby (hehehehhe, I know I still got the groove baby).

  • Athul


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new home!

Pinky Toes said...

erm..when did u shif to this new house..??
how come i hve no clue bout it??

Pinky Toes said...
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Zennmaster said...

baby that is cos we din't get any time alone getting drunk this time... =)