Tuesday, 2 December 2008

It has been a long

Long, long past couple of days. What was supposed to be a week filled with kick ass work soon got mauled and raped by guys of my age with shit loads of ammunition. Though the majority of my travel was filled with following the news from my hotel room and ordering room service, I did manage to celebrate Mainak's birthday, not in style but in fun. There are a lot of things which I wanted to talk about, like the slew of bodies being stacked up by unknown number of people, wanted to talk about how much fun it is always is to travel and how much it sucks when you travel with no money, how there are these extremely hot looking but dumb and blonde beyond all recognition women in fancy designer suits loitering around the airport, how I have a big, nice raging hangover, how I want to get to the place where all these people in their power suits and black berries are, how I want to get some action fast (been close to a long assed week with no action). I mean there are just too many things I want to talk about, but at the same time I want to keep quiet, and maybe one of the big reasons is that maybe I have spoken about them before and I don't feel like talking about them. Though there is one thing which I would want to talk about, trying to distract myself from the news ticker running on the tv at the airport lounge is trying to convince you people to go watch 'Oye! Lucky, Lucky Oye!', and as always my predictions are bang on target, the movie is worth every single hard earned, stolen, borrowed money you can get your hands on to buy the tickets for this movie.

The movie is trip through nostalgia, at least for me, with the culture, the dialect of the proper Delhi oozing out of every single frame, right from the diction, to the attitude of people (who may end up as your neighbors, peers and co-workers), to the 'I am king and I own everything you see' attitude. I suppose not a lot of people who have not been privy and blessed enough experience at least 8 months of life in Delhi, the humor, the sad, ironic humor will get lost on you. But still, you have to watch it, mainly because the borderline personality chuth that I am, just got a new character for the next few weeks. And there are a load of character nuances which are already present and there are some which need to be included, should be a fun couple of weeks being Lucky.

Anyway, my mouth feels weird, well mainly because I don't think I brushed my teeth yesterday, or today for that matter, and I haven't had my morning sip of Pepsi which I am seriously contemplating stopping to consumption of aerated drinks, mainly because of the severe heart burn it gives my already corroded esophagus, (for those of your in the dark it is like cap on the bottle doesn't work, the contents which are supposed to stay inside the bottle once you pour it and close the cap comes back up through the neck, and considering the amount of acid which any ones system generates due to the excessive drinking one does, it should be least surprising), I am thinking once I check into the new hotel I still would not be able to brush because I do not carry a tube of paste with me, and not just any paste will do, I need a paste which is in gel form, you know the 'Close Up' kind not the 'Colgate' kind, I like my mouth to be feeling fresh, one never knows when some bovine woman thinks I look like the nymph god Adonis and decides to bite a piece of me. Though considering my hygiene and idiosyncratic routine and habits I don't see myself getting any now at the airport or in the near future anytime soon. Though it never really stops me from thinking about it anyway, which is good I suppose, I could you be a brand ambassador for the infallible of the human hope or something, and if hope is not available, then I could be a prime candidate for stupidity, moron-ness.

Man, I am just bored, probably when I wake up after the flight and I check into the flight I have to start working and send across this document which I should have sent across to the client about 2 days back, but did not, I can be so insensitive sometimes that it almost scares me, but then again I am 'Dilliwala'.

Note – What you should take from this post is that 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!' is an AWESOME movie way more awesome than the idea of a threesome, no actually make that foursome (1 guy and remaining girls, experience has taught me that you have to be specific when it comes to things like these, women tend to twist things like these to their own convenience) .

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