Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Wanted - A house mate & a true Spartan!

Three Spartans (Software Engineers who are into marketing, market research and programming respectively) are currently residing in Sparta, a lovely cozy two bedroom apartment in GM Palya. It is their desire for greater friendship from across the terror torn Asian land of India that makes them search far and wide for one more of their kind.

Sparta, our fully furnished two bedroom palace is at a distance of 1.1km from BEML gate and 2km from Indira Nagar 80 feet Road. As you approach our territory you will see our inviting (Blue and white, in true Greek colors) five storied apartment to your right. In the centre of the covered car parking which houses an armory of cars and bikes, is positioned the lift that can take you to the second floor and to our palace.

Come right in and fall onto our plush sofas and catch your latest match or sitcom on our 29" TV. Rest royally, as we warriors do, on our diwan set while you watch the latest movies on our home theatre setup in the living room. Rest your worries and tired brains on our rich bolsters and cushions and your inventory on our engraved glass table. Or even enjoy blissful moments of solace in dim light on our Persian carpet! The carpet is not aimed at hiding the beautiful floor, beautiful with shades of white on the clear tiles all around the house.

As you walk into Sparta from the living room, you will reach the cross roads - the dining courtroom, with wooden pathways to the royal chamber, chamber of chief of guards, the food factory and the royal balcony! Eat, drink and make merry with your fellow Spartans on our round glass table on stranded legs adorned with pleasant table mats and a bottle of strong Argentine Inca wine in the centre. Brighten or dim the light according to the mood and let the ambience reflect off the freshly laid curtains to provide you a feast worthy of the kings.

Take a stroll in the royal balcony and glance upon your subjects as you are caressed by the fresh misty air blowing from the west with whispers of comfort and laden with care. Get back to enter the food factory complete with the works. The wooden factory, complete with artistic cabinets and racks comprises a four stove compartment and gas connection to ensure happy days ahead. Drink safe with our water purifier and heat up food in our microwave. Mix it up with our mixie and refresh yourself with some fruits using the fresh juice maker. Whatever you can't finish and for storing your food and beverages, stock it all onto our big fridge and come back for more later.

The palatial rooms are on opposite sides of the cross roads. The master bedroom is truly fit for the kings alone. Come home to see how you can sleep under the starry skies and on the softest of beds. The lazy curtains are meant to stand in the way of the sun so as to ensure your lazy sleep is uninterrupted by forces of nature. Complete with a personal royal balcony and white tiled bathroom, this is indeed a place in the clouds and for the kings.

The other room is equally classy. With a shade of blue on the walls and the curtains, the room soaks in the early rays of the sun and is a delightful resting place. Both the double bedrooms complement and contrast each other. The rest room for this room also adjoins itself to the cross roads and a separate wash basin aids the diners as well.

Should you feel interested to live like us and with us kings, let us know at the earliest for tonight we dine in hell!

All European messengers may please contact or on the following numbers: 0045 69 60 40 12 or 0045 27 89 33 40.

All Persian messengers may please contact or on the following numbers: 0091 98 86 72 08 69 or 0091 80 42 03 69 19.

Looking forward to some meaty conversations, earth and water.

Your King,

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