Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2008 – A year best forgotten

Well, lot of people say life can change in an instant. Well, in my case my life has turned around on its head in over a year. This would be probably be the first time since 2001 that I would be celebrating as a single bachelor. This year is probably the year best forgotten, why you may ask, and there is no better way to explain it than do a comparison with the previous year gone by.



Saw me shift from Chennai to Bangalore

Saw me shift my place of residence. Twice.

Was going out 3 days in a week, getting drunk, getting laid. (You do the math)

Went out thrice in the whole year, never got laid.

Increased my drinking binges from 24 hours to 72 hours.

Decreased my drinking from a bottle to 3 drinks

Missed having any real good friends in Bangalore

Saw Asif (the sole good friend and roommate) leave, fought with Dominic

Fell in love with my job

I quit, there is only so much shit you can deal with from people.

A healthy year, no visits to the hospitals, well at least for me.

Saw me getting diagnosed with G.E.R.D, got into an accident which basically renders my bike un-ride able at the moment

Saw me spend my new years with just one person I knew

This year sees me spend my new years with guys I have known for a decade.

Finally got my engineering degree.

Got my diploma in Business Management. (Though am 95% sure that I am going to flunk my accounts paper big fucking time this time)

Wanted to go to office every single day

Didn't feel like going to office, even for an hour.


What I am looking forward to in the year 2009?

Well, let's see, passing accounts would be top priority, getting myself a job which I loved as much as the last one would be next. Going to Hyderabad for new years, seems like we guys haven't hung out together since the dark ages. Let's see how the party goes, though honestly I feel that if there are women involved the party is going to suck big fucking time, because there are just way too much of egos involved and I don't think that enough water has gone under the bridge for some unknown variable to be introduced into the equation and then a night long dissection taking place. Just want to go there and unwind.

I want the year 2009 to be like year I have no parallels with. A brand new beginning, a brand new life, none of the past shit, the word none here is all encompassing.

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Nish said...

I hope this year goes well tul :) *hug*