Monday, 24 November 2008

Things in the last week

For which I have said "This is so going in my blog"

  • Well I just realized as to why I like some women better than the rest (I love all women, just not the same) – It has a name – 'Woo Girl' effect. Women on the lower rungs of being a Woo Girl are the ones who I can hang out with and enjoy myself (with them doing the making me enjoy bit, if you know what I mean ;] )Oh if you want more explaination on what the whole 'Woo Girl' effect is all about then you can either Google it up or you can just call me up where I explain the theory in great detail.
  • I just realized that I have both Power and Stamina. What is the difference between the two you ask – "Well, Power is if you can hang a wet towel over your dick…and Stamina is keep it hanging till it dries". So now you know. But fuck! I surprised myself with the stamina bit dude, I am not sure if it was just me or the new rubber I was trying, but anyway I am not doing anything which affects this new found power(should I be saying stamina here?)
  • You should get high at least once, not with the help of booze, sex or drugs…but just by plain laughing your guts out. It was awesome, I loved every bit of it, especially the bits about the swimming bit. Or maybe we did get high because the curd we ate. At this point I am just too high by laughing to think too much and spoil my trip.
  • I did not get to travel as per my plan, which was fucking boring, but then I guess the drinking, the card playing, the sex, more than made up for what I lost out by not going out.
  • I am travelling this week though, and while I would be saving the world, I would also be shifting to a new residence. Think the new place will have characters from '300' and 'Terminator'
    • Think Ranjith would be the Connors kid, you know from the village sort
    • I am not sure If I want give Jitman the honor of being the Hunchback or Should I just give him that steel dude from terminator, decisions-decisions, anyway will write more about these guys sometime later
  • Kurian and me would be room-mates, it should be fun, considering the fact he is foster father, I just hope that the foster father does not fall in love with me Mr. Awesomeness and decides to take the relationship a step further (I am pretty sure Becky is going to laughing her ass out on this one, not to mention that M and I are already laughing like donkeys)
  • M laughs like a donkey according to her, but according to me her laughter sounds like water going down the drainage.
  • I am feeling damn sleepy right about NOW.
  • I should really stop laughing
  • I finally got my subscription to Maxim (You guys should sometime find time to read it, it is damn funny, I am laughing about the booger joke) I prefer Maxim to Man's world anytime, anyday of the week. Given the options of reading Maxim, Man's world and the tabloid of Times I would prefer Maxim, Tabloid and if only there is nothing else to read and I mean nothing else at all only then will I read Man's world. Because it truly sucks man.
  • I need to catch up on lost episodes of 'How I met your mother' – Barney Stinson is THE bro. He can be my wingman anyday.
  • The word Fondue and Fondue pot kept popping in my head a lot yesterday evening I don't even know why or what they do with it.

Anyway, going for my smoke break with my coffee, anything to step outside the garage people call as my office. (It is actually on top of a service station, no kidding)


Stranger in a strange land said...

"He can be my wingman anyday" does not have the meaning it used to anymore. Observe!

TSO said...

Also, in real life, Barney is gay!

Zennmaster said...

@ Vishnu - You fuck, stop corrupting my definition of alpha maleness. BTW shouldn't you mulling over MATLAB than scourging thru youtube for shit like this...

@ TSO - Barney in real life is Neil Patrick Harris. And whose Barney and I to judge which side Neil's monkey decides to swing.

Stranger in a strange land said...

You pick the early 90's for definition of alpha maleness ? Ha! We're talking right after the world recovered from the glam/hair metal scene here. There wasn't enough time for the alpha male to recover.

You want alpha male, you look at Tyler durden!

Zennmaster said...

@ Vishnu - I think it is time for you to move from the whole fight club hangover...

Stranger in a strange land said...

'Fuck no!' says the big ass fight club poster on my wall :-P