Friday, 7 November 2008

Quantum of Solace

No matter what people think about the new bond, I love him. I love him for being the brute headed goon he usually comes across as. There is certain stubbornness, there is a certain sense of charisma, and there is something of James Bond in him.

As I walked out of the movie theatre today evening, after having seen probably the best Bond girl after Vesper Lynd, I mean this has to be a first of sorts for Quantum of Solace, Bond does not say his famed 'Bond, James Bond' line, neither does he get laid with the woman at the end. This Bond, ladies and gentlemen is the real Bond, like it or not, he is definitely here to stay. And what fucking direction, fucking absolutely fabulous, right when the title song comes in, the usual Bond style with women and the backdrop of the climax, this one was just plain, pure awesomeness. The chases and the fights with the dulling of the music in the background and the metaphorical cuts to parallel action was just pure brilliance. This movie in isolation won't do you good, this movie along with Casino Royale is pure brilliance. You finally have answers to why Bond is the way he is with women. You finally realize that underneath all the cold bastardness, there does lie a heart, though a big surprise is Bond's relationship with M in this movie, it is fucking awesome. Unlike Casino Royale where you are left with questions, this one ties up all ends. It's like reading a two part play, don't fucking do the mistake of judging this movie in isolation. This movie deserves so much better! You know the joke actually is that, even though you are supposed to understand the evolution of Bond from these series starring Daniel Craig, the Bond girls are so much more smarter and have such brilliant stories of their own and meaty parts written for them. It is like their roles are almost comparable to Bond's, not the character.


This movie deserves at least 3 viewings for the direction alone, and about a million more for the story. Pure brilliance! Can't wait for Bond 23…

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