Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Emotional Atyachar!

Fuck! today has been a productive day at office. I have seen the trailers of movies ready to hit theaters as far as 2010. Searched for songs, downloaded songs, still searching for the song which is running in the background of my next biopic. This is titled 'Dev. D'. Now if you have the song mail it to me, if you don't then don't fucking search for god's sake.

BTW, you have no idea how psyched I am, you may actually have some sort of a clue as soon as you see this video. Do me a favor and listen to the video as well instead of watching it on mute. And if takes time to buffer, then fucking wait, because it is SO fucking worth the wait.


kedy said...

kya bakvas hai ye bhikhari sale apna kam kar haramkhor

Zennmaster said...

hahahahha...I have no idea but the words sour grapes are beginning to echo in my head... :P


here's a teaser of the song, and yeah the mp3 is still not worth looking for; for i guess it doesn't exist ;)

Gokul Menon said...

ive been searchin aswell..if u have any mail it to me at


monkeypuke said...

search harder ya'l