Friday, 31 October 2008

The remaining part of the weekend

So where we? Yes, having been woken up by getting kicked and hurling abuses first thing in the morning is not quite many people's ideal scenario of being woken up, proabaly the few times I can count as being normal this would be one of them. The best way would be…well never mind getting off the topic and getting into fantasies…


So, after pouring myself a large rum and coke first thing while still covering my sexy legs with the quilt was probably the next best thing to a blow job in the mornings. So while the rest of the gang familiar with Pune made plans I was busy getting buzzed. So finally we decided that we shall go to 'Not just jazz', decent place, but crap selection but still way better than what I had at 'Arthur's theme'. So we continued drinking and eating sharing stories, before we began doing any of these, we thought it would be a good bro thing to give another bro pair of classic aviators and the look of joy of Harsh's face was classic.

I will remember that look for a really long ass time to come, it was the look when you are overwhelmed with emotions in a good way, the kind when you are happy that you are surrounded by people who love you and care about you and you know it, the difference is knowing that you are in the midst of such people, because as life would have it, you know many things long after they have passed you by. But having seen a person's face carry that emotion and see him falter around for words is a sight which warms the cockles of my heart.

Anyway, after buzzing for quite some time and rolling out of the place and getting into the auto the rest of us headed to Niki's place, while Nikhil went off to Lonavala. And the first thing these bastards do is fucking crash, while I go make myself a pitcher of fine screwdriver cocktail, I was in proper holiday mode, sitting in the balcony having my smoke listening to Niki tell her share of the story of how she and Harsh got together. I am a sucker for stories. Finally the rest of the boys woke up and decided we will make a move back to Mumbai, Harsh had early morning flight to catch to Jaipur so had to get back soon so that he could get some shut eye.

And this when the madness began, now it's quite difficult to tell you what exactly happened because it is a very visual story, but it involved, Marty throwing a smoke out the balcony, a pitcher breaking, Marty doing Mithun da's 'I am disco dancer routine', and lot of laughing. Fuck! That was damn funny, anyway we went about towards the bus stop, in the mean time the child in all of us thought it would be mighty fun if we burst crackers and shit, and then after that we spent quite some time thinking which bus to take back home. Now people who are not aware of the options you have by road, you have something called the Shivneri or something which is the government service, then there is Neeta Volvo which is the private service. So which one would we take? None is the correct answer, travelling in buses is for fucking mere mortals and for people like us nothing but the best, so we travelled by a Honda Accord. Living the life of the rich and the famous sweethearts, A/C on full blast with music playing along, cruising on the roads at 130 KMPH and Harsh and me eating Mainak's head off. And man did we laugh at my stupidity.

(psst: Did you know that a swimming pool looked blue because of the tiles? I did not know about it till Sunday evening.)

We reach our door steps in 2 hours flat, get down buy some chicken legs to make to go along with the booze. And the rest of the night went by just talking, drinking, eating and laughing.


Slept the whole day, I mean the whole fucking day, woke up sometime around 5 in the evening, made plans with V and Nikhil was also supposed to come back from Lonavala and come with me, so being the lazy asshole that I am spent waiting while poor V got her ears bladed out by a friend of a friend who by me gets labeled a blinding twerp, but then again I don't want to be judgmental they guy obviously has issues. So while I made V wait for more than 2 hours (for which I felt instantly sorry as soon as I met this chap) we went to this place called 'Mumbai times café' decent place, bit too loud but nice for a good dinner with friends. And from there we went to Hawaiian shack where Nikhil and V dazzled the room with their dancing while I tanked up on beer. =) (You don't really expect the Michelin man to dance now do you?) Got back home after getting some more booze sometime around 2 and drank and passed out at 5 in the morning.

Ps: Watch out for the best part of the story which is my first real Mumbai local experience where I see the ugliness in Kurla and the madness in Dadar.

Pps: Diwali story is a different one altogether. Will tell you about it but later. But it was Legendary.


mea culpa said...

I am jealous!

Zennmaster said...

well you should considering the fact that you quit smoking?

Anonymous said...

Next time in pune try 'Soul' of ABC farms restaurants....