Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Potpourri – 3 weeks

I define it as the single pot with different shit. And this one has shit from the last 3 weeks. Well let us do rummage this potpourri shit one week at a time shall we…

Week 1

  • I realized that no matter I am pretty much old school when it comes to matters of relationships and sex. Very old school actually, contrary to popular belief, all the women I have had sexual liaisons with, I have been into them at some point or the other, whether it was just plain infatuation or the deep tragic love Shakespeare the gay so often wrote about. I have always felt something or the other for the person, though after copulating with them sometimes immediately or sometimes at a very later point in time I have realize the reality that this is not my princess and I am not the frog who would turn into a prince after the 'ding-dong'. But whoever it was, whenever it was, I have always felt that they hold some part of salvation for me, now this maybe just some misconstrued perception I may have, but this is what I am. And for my life I can't understand the concept of love-less sex, the concept of a fling, one night stand. I don't get it, and I don't get the people who you know are proponents of this concept. I am sorry, as a man I am supposed to understand this concept, but I don't.

  • I got into planning out the perfect assassination of a fucking asshole who is currently holding the ministry of health. Motherfucker Anbumani 'I am a donkey and I like to take it in my ass' Ramadoss who has effectively put an end to me going out and having a life. I hate this fuck! Period. And no I am not going to fucking quit smoking anytime soon. Yes you heard me Mr. 'I don't have a dick because its riding up my ass' Ramadoss.

  • Finished with the first exam


Week 2

  • Major fucking shit in office, I can't fucking disclose them, because if I do then I will have to fucking kill you.

  • Because of the same fucking ALMOST fucked up my paper too.


Week 3

  • Gritted my teeth for the 3 days I was in office, kept a low profile.

  • Went about doing my thing, studied decently and did decently.

  • On the bright side, I booked my tickets to Mumbai. Going down there to Pardy!

  • It has been raining women, it has been raining women so heavily that there is a pool of women which is quickly turning into that quicksand marsh sort of a thing. One woman led to another and I am just getting deeper and deeper into the whole pool. Thankfully there is no water in this pool, at least not the kind which I don't like.


  • The trouble is, I need to decide on one single woman. Well it is definitely not going to be Madam M (refer to week 1 point 1), it is not going to be the one who got away (to the US of Ass) either. A new woman, and all these women are awesome, one is extremely smart and funny and almost thinks like me, there is another who is bit shy, but caring and who actually gets my jokes then there are the others who are just in the fray but not serious contenders for my attention.


  • It is going to be awesome. =)


Keep reading for more updates. Think there will be another hiatus from my side on account of serious partying in Mumbai. =)

Ps: I think the guy pre-VJ/Gopal thing is back. =)

Pps: keep looking out for hilarious crash and burn stories because that is what I used to do before I got the whole falling in love and making women fall in love with me bit.


Anonymous said...

welcome back !!!

Zennmaster said...

an anon welcome is not welcome you know...

chomu said...

i see i am in ur blog for the first time eh

Anonymous said...

know u dnt like anon comments...well dosent matter.liked ur blog ,dats wat matters u know...so welocome back after 3 weeks!!!

Ramesh Srivats said...

Wow. That was some anger against Ramadoss. You can read my take on him at http://www.rameshsrivats.net/2008/11/ramadoss-meets-devadoss.html