Thursday, 30 October 2008

Back from the City that never sleeps! – Part 1

With plans of going back again at the drop of a hat. I have to admit that, this was probably the best Diwali I spent in a very long time. I mean I have done the whole jog, of spending Diwali with Celebrities (Rajnikanth, for those of you who think am BSing call up mum to confirm that story), of spending Diwali alone, with girlfriends, with friends, with family. But this was a Diwali which would go down in the annals of history.

And this is how it went:

Friday night

The captain of the flight thought it would be hilarious if instead of landing the flight on time he did some tour guide shit, showing the city of Pune and finally landing the plane around midnight. From there a mad dash to V's place where people were already well on their way to 'high'-land, but the real party started after I landed up there. Though I think Nikhil and I managed to scare of one of V's friend who I thought was damn cute and funny. We danced, drank, broke plates, burnt hands, and finally managed to pass out at 5:30 in the morning.


Was rudely woken up by Nikhil, but since we were surrounded by pretty women I managed not to kick him to death. From there V made me fucking walk 1000 miles to get some grub, but then my tummy was feeling like a virgin fucked by Adonis (all shaky and weak, and yes Adonis would be me). Managed to get some breakfast at this nice little place in Bandra called potpourri, nice little quaint place, it would be been my all time favorite if only they fucking allowed smoking there. From there we managed to goodbye to the already petrified P (who we managed to scare even more), and went about going back all the way to Powai, when we were actually supposed to go to Pune, why? Because Mainak had forgotten his boxers and Nikhil had to go get them. Yes, as men it is perfectly fine and normal for us to forget our boxers when we are excited. From there went all the way to the other side of the city (Dadar).

From where we boarded a bus, now my theory is that the bus driver and the pilot of my flight were related by blood, because the driver insisted we see the whole of Mumbai before we start towards in the direction of Pune. Though this time I was just too plain tired and dehydrated to do any shit and decided to just pass out instead of looking out of the window like a village buffon. And on and on we went, Nikhil said it took us 5 hours but I think it fucking the whole year, not to mention that Nikhil turned sadist on me and decided to tease me with whiffs of food rather than actually feeding me.

When we did get down from the bus and start towards Marty's place (he is Mainak's friend who I was meeting for the first time, BTW Mainak is Nikhil's room-mate and Nikhil is my friend in Mumbai where I generally crash when am in Mumbai, given the fact that Gopal and me are not exactly close anymore and his place is really far fucking away from all the action), I realized 2 things.

  1. I was fucking hungry and that I wanted both food and booze
  2. Pune was a big city and not a fucking small town like I remember it from the short visit (all of 23 minutes long) I did sometime in Jan.

So while Nikhil finally turned back to the nice guy he is and got me Dabeli (it is pronounced as Da-BAY-lee, there is story behind the pronunciation, read on for what happens on Sunday) and booze and finally reaching Marty's place to be greeted by both Harsh (he is the other roommate of Mainak and Nikhil) and Marty. And off we went poured ourselves couple of drinks lighted some cigarettes while Niki (Nikita actually, Harsh's girl decided where we should go) and we finally decided we will go to this place called 'Arthur's Theme'.

I quite liked the place (notice how I am mentioning the place and not the food), it was nice, the basement where we were sitting in, lounging actually was perfect for a porn shoot, retro style. And being the guys we are, we tried our best not to scandalize Niki with the stories but then it is like telling that not only does the tooth fairy replace your tooth with money but also blows you while she is at it. It doesn't happen, just doesn't happen. So while I enact a very poor impersonation of how much I loved the food with mellifluous words flowing out of my pristine pure tongue, I also managed to call up Paresh and meet up with him so that he could die in peace (he has been asking me to come to down to Pune for a really long time and I know that this was not exactly what he had in mind).

So, off we went back to Marty's place (BTW his place has a room built especially for ficky-fick, I mean I love the architect, tall ceiling, and all your moans and shouts of pain and ecstasy ricocheted off the walls, it is just plain brilliant, anyway getting back to the story). While we poured ourselves some more booze (we had plenty of it), I realized why I really love hanging out with these guys and why I am so comfortable with these guys where I can be a goof ball, a prick, a smart guy, superman and still be comfortable and laugh my ass to glory. All we need is a guitar and loads of booze to have a good time and we had both of them that night, and off went singing something or the other interspersed with stories and laughter. And we drank and we told stories till the wee hours of the morning. The funny thing about all the songs we sing is that each one of them has a story, a different one for most of us who sing and we sing with different emotions behind them and that is how the stories actually begin to start and fade away.

We did finally manage to get some sleep, but not before we had formed ULA (Udaas Lund Academy) and decided on the organizational structure.

Ps: now I am just going to get some sleep and try and sleep off some the booze I have been drinking while writing this. Plus I got office tomorrow for which I so don't want to go. :'(

Pps: will write more later. Got stories till Wednesday night. =)

Ppps: hold on to your panties till I wake up and find time to write some more. And don't try to do something funny tonight, I am tired and I just want to sleep so no ficky-fick all right.

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