Tuesday, 16 September 2008

There I go…again

Yeah, have to be at the airport at the ungodly hour of 0500 hrs in the morning. Which means I have to leave home sometime around 3 to be lucky to catch the shuttle bus to the airport which is in a different country altogether. Though, am not even close to being excited about this trip, well there are couple of reasons for that…

Well, for starters, I would be staying at a hotel which on other occasions would have given me the chance to drop my boxers and walk around the room butt naked, only to cover myself with a towel when the room service comes in (at an alarming rate of every 2 hours) with a new dish or drink. No, not this time, I would sharing the room with some new guy who has joined the company. I would probably one of the few guys in the whole wide world who gets to go for training after a whole year at work, not that I am not good at what I do, my job was made for people like me, but it is the company thing. So, I am going to be sitting and listening to lectures basically from people I don't think too highly about, sitting with people who got their brains shrunk while watching 'Honey! I shrunk the kids'.

The major reasons why I am really pissed is that, I will be flying Indigo, I mean it's early morning for god's fucking sake. Could have managed a better airline, but no! Indigo, fuck! It is nothing but a flying train compartment (the train am talking about is at least 10 years old, you know the times when you used to see shit lying on the tracks whilst waiting on the platform for your train). I mean don't want to be judgmental, but if this was for some cutting edge stuff then I would have been jumping up and down, not thinking about if I should finish this bottle of rum, no this is the shit which I have learnt whilst being on the job for the last one year, the things which will be talked about are the things which I have learnt whilst saving my senior's arse. I mean it's like I am going to be surrounded by gorgeous beauties while the lectures are going on (there can't be any…I am the gorgeous one). I would basically be surrounded by people who are just out of B school, trying to come to grips about how things work, and whatever I do, it is the why and what which are the primary questions not the when and how…

Just imagine yourself being taught ABCD all over again whilst sitting inside a cage, while your teacher is a hippopotamus, the others who are occupying other seats are slugs…do this over a period of 3 days…Oh! I forgot to mention, whilst am supposed to kick butt in these training classes, am also supposed to do some salvaging work for my office. (This is highly confidential, so don't even bother asking me about it)…never mind…I am going to go iron my shirt, because it is fucking compulsory for me to wear pants and shirts during the following 3 days. FUCK!


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