Saturday, 6 September 2008

How do I manage to do it?

It is super surprising to me. I mean how do I manage to go fuck up a simple thing like talking to a girl eh? I mean it really is simple isn't it. You walk up to a girl, make a complete fool out of yourself and then she likes you because you had the balls to be a complete goof-ball and stood apart from the rest of the crowd. How can I fuck up on being a stupid moron? Truly a talent which the rest of the mankind is yet to come to terms with.

I am now Jason Statham, in Death Race. No non-sense talking, serious son of a bitch. I know really, really long fucking shot. But then again, have to give it a try. Will have to throw in wry sense of humor, think I can manage that with a dead pan expression on my face.

Later sweetheart. And in the mean time try not bunch your panties up will you.

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Stranger in a strange land said...

How's californication going bub ? the second season's started, 2 episodes out.