Friday, 19 September 2008

Fuck…I hate this…

So, I managed to get sleep for exactly 17 mins, before it was time to start walking towards the bus stop, time on my fucking watch 0245 hrs. Since am carrying a check in bag with the oh, so precious shirts and fucking pants apart from the bag which houses my laptop (which I firmly believe is cause of envy for my boss…even when he has 2 of them)…the following is going to be mentioned in master card TVC voice over…

Auto till the bus stop (25 mts)…50 Rs

Time spent waiting for the bus to come…1 hour 10 mins

Time spent waiting for the cab…20 mins

Money spent on the cab…900 bucks

I was so mad, I couldn't continue writing the remaining bit of it all…anyway it's been about 2 days since I have been holed in this hotel and I am still not in the mood to fucking talk about it…so the master card story continues…

Time spent on attending useless lectures…eternity

Getting a new tattoo…worth the wait for eternity (it was free of cost but obvious)

Waking up to find somebody having puked in your washbasin…fucking irritating (there is something called the fucking commode and the fucking flush, obviously the motherfucker you thought it is a brilliant idea to puke in the wash basin was not aware of the unwritten rules of puking after having drunk too much)

Spending time with friends and sharing stories…worth the trip (given the fact that met 2 of her friends…one is cute…and one I think has a thing for me… ;) )

The look on face on having to think about enduring one more day and then getting back to work…priceless!





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