Thursday, 4 September 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that Farhan Akthar was on face book and the rest of the celeb town who have brains which I could qualify as half decent? They are all on facebook. Shit! The whole celeb thing bothers me man, I really don't know why?

I mean sure I want to be rich and famous (who doesn't), but fuck I can't believe that I have grown so old that I prefer chilling out than go to a night club and get laid. I hate getting old, now I understand the whole peter pan funda, It's a little bit weird isn't it, I mean the whole presence of famous celeb's in common places. It's like finding out that the queen of England buys grocery from the same small store as you do. You feel weirdly uncomfortable with the whole notion, I find myself strangely out of my comfort zone talking to people who everybody knows, the dynamics are not fair you know, you know little bit or a lot about the other person and they know jack shit about you and you are trying to impress the other person. I mean fuck! I never try and do that, but subconsciously, that's what you fucking end up doing.

It's rattling, that's what it is, I am sorry cynical son of a bitch, who likes my things to be the way they are, I don't like people messing around with it too much, I mean for instance every single time I have to travel, I come to find that somebody has been leaving the bathroom floor wet, somebody has removed all the sheets off my bed, I mean a man (in this case I am referring to myself), when he comes home, he just wants a nice piping hot food, some nice little talk you know venting out shit and sorts, and nice warm place he can rest, he doesn't want to be surrounded with people fucking snapping pictures of him which will find itself being posted online in a matter of minutes. Now I know what these celeb bastards keep complaining about, I mean it really is sad isn't it. But you know what is fucking sad, I don't want fucking people with fucking mystique to go blowing holes in my picture.

What is the picture? Well, celebrities – the ugly ones, the smart ones, the good looking ones, the talented ones; they all have a separate life, lifestyle, routines. For me they are fucking angels you know, it's nice to know about the things they have, kind of leads to a certain aspiration for the brands they consume (seriously, I am a Pepsi loyalist, all because of SRK), and me coming to realize that they are just like you and me, well call me whatever you want, I don't like them. I have no idea why? And I am pretty sure that the reason is fucking stupid and ugly even when I don't know it. The entire mystique behind famous people is what they do and how they do, it's like a fucking magic trick, you fucking lose interest the moment you come to realize what the trick is. I mean you aspire for greatness, but as soon as you come to know that greatness is right where you are, the entire concept goes to the dogs doesn't it. I mean who in the right mind want to go join D company, if you want to join you probably want to join the Italian mafia you know the Cosa Nostra.

I hate having my sense of reality, illusion what you wankers call it, be blown. And right now, that's just what has happened. I don't even remember what I used to do back when I was kid to comfort myself when such an occurrence of epic proportions took place. I don't like chocolates so much and neither am I a girl, so chocolates are ruled out. Don't want to overdo on the booze front either. Smoking doesn't seem like the answer now. I know what I need, I need a good mentally stimulating conversation who understands my point and at the same time is smart and intelligent enough to give me a counter point and talk this shit out till it doesn't bother me anymore and a new order, a new reality is established.

Now the bigger question is who am I supposed to call?

  1. Charan – fucking getting his ass whipped and stuffing his big hairy behind with a butt plug in the US of A
  2. Gopal – we have lost that loving feeling long fucking time back, doesn't feel the same talking shit with him, don't think it ever was
  3. Adhy – the guy has common sense but when it comes to abstract shit like this, the talk just goes over the top of his head
  4. Nisha – don't think the woman will have time to engage me in this conversation over a cup of latte at amethyst, not with her busy work life and nice boyfriend of hers.
  5. Mahimaa – this kind of talk with her will only drive me insane. Plus she doesn't fit the criteria (she is intelligent and smart but I don't think she will have any counter points)
  6. Mohit – don't think he would give a rat's ass about this any which way
  7. Asif – not there anymore, gone back to mallu land, traitor bastard, he is getting married sometime in Jan
  8. Kurian - SOB is not here either, he won't give any counter points but it's funny and nice talking to him, bitch is preparing for his GRE
  9. Bachu – you can never tell what the fuck the fucker is thinking, some days he blows hot some days blows cold, and when a question of such huge proportions is looming in front of me, I hate having to convince people to have a conversation with me.
  10. Anoop – Not really comfortable talking shit with him till now. It's a different thing we hardly talk so much
  11. Ranjith – There is a disconnect somewhere, I don't know where, but somewhere and plus I don't think he will get the question in the first place.
  12. TSO – I think she be a good start, she is a geminian you know the same weird habits, she would get what I am saying but I don't suppose she can bring a counter point, and plus I really don't think we will ever have a real conversation, why? Well for starters I don't even know if it's a he or a she, and that's because I don't know her
  13. The red queen – she is an interesting prospect. But then again, nothing which is immediate in nature and doesn't depend too much on serendipity and shit

Think this one will go into the back burner. Fuck! And its still fucking raining. FUCK!


Anoop said...

So you did write about me ;)

The Red Queen said...

Wow SOMEone had a bad day huh? And yes, rains are a bitch, get used to it :P

Zennmaster said...

its been well over 18 years and I still can't get to even remotely like the idea of getting wet...

ps: should explain my brilliant fundas on personal hygiene...

The Red Queen said...

Welcome to the club. Can't stand my hair getting wet. only when I am in the MOOD for it does getting a *little* wet appeal. And that's happened like, five times in my life?

Zennmaster said...

this is def the first somebody welcomed to any club...its usually me who dishes out invites to people...

The Red Queen said...

Life is full of firsts, that's what makes it fun :P

Zennmaster said...

being a guy makes me eligible to have a whole new and different definition to the word fun...hehehhee...