Friday, 19 September 2008

Character Analysis

So I had asked M and Charan to tell me what they really think about me…and this is what they had to say…

M says…Think you can handle the truth?

How do you describe someone who keeps changing? But I guess there are something's that never change. He'll always be the little boy who needs to be pampered extensively. He loves arguments because he s so passionate about things but his love for arguments is such that he will not hesitate to change sides if there is a chance for a good argument. His heart s been broken and that's lead to a trail of broken hearts that hes been leaving behind him. He's a romantic but over time has turned into the worst kind of cynic. He's still in love with one girl and yet looks around for the love of another. He's rigid in his beliefs and is pretty ruthless when it comes to defending them. He is dark and mysterious but only because he is vulnerable inside and is scared to let someone hurt him. He is someone who can go to any lengths to get people to like him but can turn anti social in a blink of an eye. He identifies himself with his favorite protagonists and flaunts their identity as his own for the time they hold his fancy. He's intelligent enough to be called a geek and can be brutal with people he doesn't consider up to his standard in intelligence. He's unpredictable in his anger which turns violent and quite frankly can be scary. He's a charmer who can turn on the charm to suit his needs and can make one want to protect him from the big bad world. He's a bastard who one can't help but love.

And Charan says…This will not be short, this will not be pleasant, you may not like it but learn to live with it


Brilliant - a very sharp mind and has great scope to learn if applied in the right directions
soft hearted - no matter how tough you try to portray you are a kid and a softie inside, you have a very helpful nature and like to be the man saving people in distress, especially damsels :)
Focused and goal oriented - You like to set goals and work towards it, you will strive hard if you really believe in it. You have lofty dreams and someday you will definitely achieve them
Loyal and honest and see people as they are, no false curtains no veils, you just see through people and as naked as you can get.
Reliable - someone whom can be called upon at any time for help
Team player - good team player but still need more work on that
Ability to mingle with a variety of people
You are very frank in your opinions and thoughts, white is white and black is black. There is no grey area



Stupidly Stubborn - you are not stubborn it is not your nature to be stubborn and you do a very bad job about it just because you want to be the rebel who doesn't listen to anyone
Lack of identity - At this point in life I believe you don't have a true identity for yourself, you have tried being different people and you liked some and you dint like some and you are still searching for it deep down
Easily distracted - you want to do too many things at the same time and have everything that you dream of. Stop being a brat, be more focused and concentrate on important things in life, things which will last forever. Immediate and material pleasures do not last long
Very Negative - you have an amazing mind, one of the best I have seen among the people I have met so far, put it to good use and avoid negative thoughts. Your blog is a great place to develop it do not use for dissing and piling on negative thoughts, use it to reflect positive
You are finding reasons for not talking to people, try finding reasons as to why you should talk to people and you will see life in a different perspective.
Hate to say this but I believe you lack reality too and I have seen that many times.
Short tempered too, worse than mine I should say ;)
Though you have the ability to mingle with a lot of people your nature to see through people filters it big time, sometimes it works to ignore that. Learn to give people some slack
 ok I think this should do good, it is not perfect and I know you will reject some of them, but they are just my thoughts and a bit of my advice to you because I love u bro!! ;)

 Ps: There are quite a few things which are over lapping aren't they…if you have known me then be my guest and tell me what you think…the only condition being be brutal as possible, never really been a big fan of diplomatic shit…

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