Wednesday, 3 September 2008

And am back with a headache to deal another…

September 1, 2008

Its Monday, just landed in Jaipur. The stewardess kept giving looks and I did check her butt (which was bit on the wider front, not that am complaining, it was cute, though she had ugly panty lines coming through them) on more than one occasion, the heartening thing is that my rugged, drunk look still seems to have some reserve charm left in it. BUT! I was too damn hung over and sleepy to do anything other than ask for a blanket and hope that I did not snore (I am pretty sure that I don't you can't really trust people about such things you know). Oh! I also saw 'Rock on!', and it most definitely delivered whatever I was expecting from it, though what I did not expect was Farhan Akthar to have a killer bod. The guy has got screen presence, definite fit for everything a rock star should be.

Anyway, I just realized while I was on the flight, I am in the best mood in the mornings when I have had English breakfast, I mean there is something about eggs, toast, butter and jam combination which just makes me feel that the day is going to be awesome. I think this whole firangi thing must be the way I was bought/brought up (could never fucking for the love of my life figure which one of the 2 you are supposed to be using), I mean when you are eating breakfast most of your life from the army officer's mess you begin to relish food which is prepared on a mass level, none of that home cooked stuff, unless and until is cornflakes. Guess, this reasoning solves one more mystery which my hostel mates had "how the fuck can you like the hostel food?", and my response always was "it's always hot, and you have people serving to you rather than you serving yourself and you don't have people bugging you if you are wasting food because there is still some left and your tummy is not exactly feeling up to the task on the plate", the mess or the hotel I am staying in says any stupid shit like that. Oh! And BTW, do not fucking eat the food especially the breakfast on offer on Kingfisher airlines, it's the same goddamn menu they have on offer any morning for every single flight and its fucking cold. I love Indian Airlines food, even though they give the same fare day in and day out, the food is steaming hot, I have no idea how they manage to do it but they do. Oh! And one more thing, someday I want to fly first class man, I mean there is this whole mystique behind those closed curtains when you are sitting in economy and fighting a cold, aggressive war with the bastard sitting next to you for the arm rest.

I love English breakfast. Period.

September 3, 2008

Stuck on an Indigo flight, and trust me, this is the worst ever next only to Jet-Lite. Did you know, that you have to pay additional INR 100/- to get yourself an emergency aisle? Or did you know that they do not have hangars for your to hang your jacket on? I mean I got nothing against low cost airlines, but at least have some fucking class dude. But the good thing is that the damn flight takes about 4-5 hours if you are in luck to reach Bangalore via Hyderabad. And guess what was the best part of the whole trip? Sat next to this really old Jat couple in dhoti and shit, with the guy making it a point to hold his legs on the seat and keep poking me with his knees, at the same time waging war over the arm rest, and they made it a fucking point to go empty their shrinking bladders ever so often that I forgot if I was standing or I was sitting in my seat. Anyway, things down at the office are giving me the feeling that the anvil is being heated up for me to leave with a bang ;) I was anyway asked to come to office when the rest of the world is out at home, sleeping like the dog underneath my staircase at home.

Anyway, think I will go home and sleep now and tell my boss I would be coming in late tomorrow. And on my way back home think what would be the optimum number of words I would require for me to say "Thanks but no thanks…and I out of here" well there are other things I would also like to say, maybe I will, maybe I won't. I like to surprise myself sometimes from time to time. Think should happen in another week or 2. Let's see…

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