Thursday, 25 September 2008

Airports make me feel good again…

And things are back to normal I suppose, well almost. One of those epiphanies hit me, the kind which blind sizes you whilst you are in mid sentence in a conversation with a bunch of people sitting around you. I realized that the every single time I come to Bombay, I go back feeling way much better…well for starters, the guys I usually stay with are a load of fun, we pull each other's leg, getting drunk, basically it is like a boys night out, only thing is that we prefer to do all this at home, not only do I laugh like a jackass on crack, but when I go back I have to find new excuses to get back home ASAP so that I can finish watching all the awesome movies I copy from these guys. If you ask me to tell you one good reason as to why I feel happy when I leave home from Bombay early in the morning is that I know I would be coming back for more, and the time which is left between me coming back, I got ample shit to do, I mean the conversations we have is just something one pays good money to get. There is good food cooking in the kitchen which invariably happens to be chicken every time I come to Bombay to go along with all the booze. Ah! I just feel happy right now if you ask me, and since I have written whatever is running in my head, I realized there is no reason, maybe am just excited at the prospect of getting some action when I land in Bangalore (*wink**wink**hint**hint*). Can't wait for me to finish my exams and then dick around at office with no tension and live life like a king when I come to Bombay instead of worrying how the fuck am I going to finish studying all the portions. I definitely don't want to fucking flunk, not after the huge fucking spate I had with Rajkumarji's Father (Rajkumarji would be my way of referring to the other crawling organism in my family the world likes to tease me with labeling him as my brother).

Anyway, countdown begins for the first of the three exams.

Days left for the first exam -> 9 days

Chapters left to cover -> 22

Anyway, if the saner guys from my batch from college help me out will try and get something posted by them in the meantime while I take a sabbatical for the next 3 weeks.

BTW, if you are wondering what my schedule for the exams is like, then worry not, read on:

October 5th -> Organizational Behavior (first paper is around 1000 hrs and the next one begins at 1430 hrs) (yes, I have to write 2 papers on the same damn subject)

October 12th -> Business Economics (Micro at 1000hrs and Macro at 1430 hrs)

October 19th -> Marketing Management (same shitty timings)

So that is 3 Sundays FUBARed and 3 whole weeks where my bio-clock basically goes for a toss where I try and better David Blaine by living off only coffee and smokes.

I think the adrenaline has just kicked in, think we are going to do just fine. Anyway, boarding call for my flight, will leave you pretty young things to your vibrating devices while I go and save the world, don't wait up for me I may be a bit late.


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh!!!! 3 Weeks,nothing to read :(...well hope saner guys can do gud job....

Mahimaa.Ramesh said...

hahahahhahaha... Looks like you got yourself a secret admirer jackass :D