Saturday, 9 August 2008

Well this what, transpired from the time I got to know my marks to now, which is about 10 hours apart. So I sent my marks down to the one family I consider my own and NO! am not talking about the ones whose genes I share. Mummy sounded genuine, papa sounded bit politically correct, I mean I can understand from where papa comes from. I don't hold it against him, but what really get down to me is the kind of stupid fake shit people put it up, I mean just for the sake of it. Why? That's all I ask. Why do people have to pretend that they have to say something just because the situation warrants it to be.

I just finished watching the first episode of Californication, thanks to Vishnu who has been behind my back to watch it. And honestly man, you were right. This series is about me, Hank is me, and it is just fucking depressing. That's all. I mean you think you somebody, you think you know yourself. But you just don't know. I mean I should actually be celebrating my fine performance in my exams right about now on a Saturday night. But, no, I just don't feel like doing anything. You have to listen to this song called "I want to hear what you got to say" by the subway. Been hearing this on repeat, think will smoke that weed which has been lying on my table, puke my guts out and pass out.

Note to self: Should not really drink so much. Think 2 bottles of whisky is good.

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Stranger in a strange land said...


Finally! About bledy time :-P

Prepare to be addicted to watching one of the most awesome single season tv dramedys ever, on an infinite loop.